woman-571715.jpgWhen the Bible was written the world was a very different place and the common people had very little knowledge of the world at large. Their way of perceiving life would have been very different to your way in this time. Throughout the Bible metaphors are used that do not have much meaning to this age and it’s people. Creating an updated version, using modern language and terms of reference could enable an even wider audience, of course, that will not happen it would be seen as sacrilegious . We do not wish to denigrate those who believe and live by the Bible, we simply wonder at it’s enduring power and how faith has sustained itself given that the writings are thousands of years old and not particularly relevant to modern society. Could it be that it is not so much the writings that carry and convey faith but the feeling behind the writings? Words of faith, when felt rather than just read, come alive and they vibrate with energy – just as you do. This is how they endure despite their seeming irrelevance. On some level, no matter whether you are a follower of Christ and the Bible or not, the energy of faith resonates with you, it calls to you and you reach for it whether you are aware or not. The energy of faith is part of your genetic make-up, religious persuasion is of no consequence. Jesus once said “ I am the way and the truth and the life and none shall come to the Father except through me” to some non – religious people these words may seem arrogant, even elitist. Bear with us, we mean no offence but consider the challenge those words can seem to some. Is faith and belief to be exclusively directed through one man, one book of writings –  writings that can never reflect present life? If this is your way peace and blessings to you but what of those who cannot follow this way, does it mean they are faithless? No. Faith has no boundaries and at times not even a focus. Faith is free. The energy of the words of faith are not bound in a book, it is not only present in a chosen few. The energy of faith is manifest, it lives in each and every one of you, it breathes when you breathe. It protects you as a father should, it honours you as a son should and it sustains your own holy spirit. There is no need to dismiss the religious teachings of ages past but if they do not resonate with you trust that the beauty of faith will. Tenderly embrace your own faith beloved children and it will tenderly embrace you.





Sometimes in the wake of upheaval, when something catastrophic has caused life to shift abruptly, thoughts can turn repeatedly to the past. Replaying over and over the catalyst to the event, picking apart tiny moments or circumstances that could have played out differently – if only thoughts. If only that hadn’t been done. If only that hadn’t been said. Where do these “ if only” thoughts lead? They go nowhere but inside your own head, bouncing about, depleting your energy, giving you a fantastical promise of control. If only you could push your new insights backwards in time you could fix everything. You know your present thoughts affect your reality and well being in the now and most of you work consciously to ensure your thoughts of the future are positive, these thoughts have the potential to manifest, thoughts of the past, however, do not. The restructuring of the past is a game your ego plays, one it enjoys immensely. Ponder this, if you will, from the ego’s view, it believes it could have had the foresight at the time , without any particular knowledge of the future, to manipulate events to arrive at a different outcome. How could it foresee of that which it had no knowledge? That is egotistical even for the ego. So, while the maniacal ego is dreaming it’s schemes of impossible time travel, where are you? Are you here now or lost in a false past, a useless past? The past does not smoothly connect with the future, only the present has that ability. Trying to pass directly from past to future is like trying to cross a raging river on a bridge made of paper. As always, you have choice, your past is gone, it is dead, your present is alive and your future calls you on the wind flowing steadily towards you. So, we ask, beloved children that you turn your face to the wind and allow it to blow your past behind you, heed it’s call. Create for yourself the strongest bridge you are able with foundations firmly set in the now, gently silence the “ if only” and travel on with peace and hope.





There are so many influences to each life experience. You live your life forever surrounded by other people, even if, your circle of friends is limited or you live in a sparsely populated location, the energy of others still affects your energy. It can seem surprisingly difficult for those energies to harmonize but you manage better than you think. If you were to stand completely alone within an empty landscape you would assume that you were only encountering your own presence, not so, physical distance is of no account. If you are alone in this moment, pause a minute, close your eyes, reach out and sense. Mmm….. and can you feel the others? Your energy, each and every one of you, is as vast as an ocean and just as an ocean it truly has no end. All energies merge, though still shifting and redirecting to flow in various ways but never separating. You drag parts of the merged energy with you wherever you go. Disharmony of spirit occurs when that dragged energy feels heavy, burdensome but is it really that weighty? Can you not still move and doesn’t that merged energy in someway help support your own? Through the ages God seekers have tried, in often extreme ways, to become one with God, to have, to be nothing else but part of God. This they may have thought to have achieved, if only fleetingly, by forcefully separating themselves from others, finding their own quiet nook and damming off the sea of energies to become their own private little pond. This can seem peaceful even healing for a time, no other influences – they think- just their own energy/water but as we have said before “ still water, no matter how beautiful, will always become stagnant if not agitated”. In time that separated water looses it’s ability to sustain or create life. It needs the moving, life supporting essence of the ocean, that magnificent, all encompassing ocean, that is all humanity, that is all God, unity with this is the true oneness sought. For you, they, him, her, us and God ARE the ocean. We all meld together. We all carry each other whether we are aware or not.  No-one carries more than they are able nor is anyone ever truly alone. So beloved children, flow on with peace and grace through the ocean with no end knowing you are lifted in equal measure to whatever weight you carry.





Lost in the depths of despair people often shut themselves away, preferring others not see their weakness. This is a primeval response to hurt and vulnerability. When the world had a much more brutal and primitive environment those who were hurt would seek a safe hiding place,make themselves small and await healing, knowing with their strength sapped they were easy prey for predators. In this time, your time, physical injury is no longer the prime reason to hide. Mental and spiritual anguish is what pushes people into seclusion. Removing oneself from society can create, for a time, a safe and peacefully controlled existence but never should isolation become a life, a habit. Many, who have become trapped in their once haven, no longer remember that there is another way to live. Their closed minds and hearts have sealed over and scared, like old wounds, locking the hurt inside. Often, in their mind’s eye, they imagine the outside world, imagine others playing out their lives, sometimes sneeringly believing they can never again be part of it or believe it is just too risky and that they are safer where they are. How very sad. Unfortunately the healing of this situation needs to begin within the person themselves. Those who are strong can be very tempted to try and force the secluded into the open. This will not work. Given time and peace the false images of the mind’s eye will begin to disperse. That eye will become more of a window, one that does not reflect themselves but allows them to look outwards. It is then they need to see a simple sign to draw them out. From where would that sign come? Who would provide it? Long ago ancient man, whose communities were separated by great distances, made use of the smoke from their campfires to communicate. Not only could the smoke relay messages there was then, as is now, a message in the fire itself. Campfires symbolize a living community, comfort and warmth, they draw the lonely and frightened like a magnet, they offer light and safety. Light and safety is what we all seek and light can be found anywhere as long as it is continually lit by those who are able for those who are not. So, beloved children, BE the sign, light your campfires, create the light and allow the wounded to seek you. Send up your smoke signals and show the way to hope and unity.




Every adult knows that the best way to solve the riddle of a garden maze is to raise themselves higher so the entire puzzle can be seen. Children, at first, don’t know this. Most would gladly blunder along, enjoying the adventure, until perhaps, they become tired or confused and maybe a little scared. Is it age bringing wisdom that eventually allows children to find the solution or is it the confusion and fright enforcing the need for an answer? Probably a little of both. The tactic of raising yourself higher for a more comprehensive view is one that can be applied to many circumstances in life. We ask, many times, that you live in the moment, deal with what is actually happening now and we still advise this. That does not mean that if you are uncomprehending of what you are experiencing in the moment you must transfix your body and mind until you do comprehend . We suggest that, whilst staying in the moment, a higher perspective can be sought. In some situations it can seem as if you are facing a mammoth wall of obstruction – a dead end with no way round. It can seem the only logical option is to turn back. In a physical maze these walls are created with and for amusement, it is part of the game. In a real life situation these walls can be created by thoughts, yours and the thoughts of others. Rarely are these dead ends tangible, even so, these walls of thought can be scaled. You can rise above them, achieve a different view from a higher point and even if the exit is some distance away the promise of resolution can be a comfort and help renew your resolve to not retrace your steps but continue on with faith. For you are no longer blundering children and you have no reason to become scared. You are wise adults who can enjoy the adventure of the maze, knowing you have the ability to raise yourselves higher, knowing you will always find your way. 





Regret, it sits heavily in the heart of those who bear it, that long anguished sigh of sadness travels through them, dragging their energy downwards fixing them to the spot preventing forward movement, if only for seconds. All of you wear regret to some degree, most let it bide and ride figuring it is an accepted part of existence, it may be part of existence but it is best if it is not easily accepted. It is of no use or benefit. Life can be somewhat like a game of chess with each of you the pieces. Most of you don’t know which piece you are – queen, king, pawn, no matter, you each have the same value, each plays a part. These pieces have their own boundaries and positions, they can only move in a certain way and only occupy the one space at a time, giving them their own perspective. It is just the same for you and from this perspective a choice must be made, a plan set in place, to win to succeed but what if that choice does not result in success? Is it the pieces fault or is it the fault of the hand of fate? Perhaps. While you all have free choice the hand of fate does have a habit of reaching in to disrupt the play, even to the point that it seems to throw the board into the air, scattering all the pieces and causing much confusion. What then would have happened to all the choices? A choice is not a sacred thing it is not something valuable in itself. It is a method of repositioning yourself on the game board of life , a needful tactic, for games and life need to move. You cannot know for certain what another piece/person will do. Their plan is their own and the fickle hand of fate will just as happily disrupt their game as it will yours. To believe a loss, any loss, was all your doing is to believe that you alone have the power to control every piece in the game. That you alone are beyond the reach of fate. Your fellow pieces are not the enemy nor is fate, all of it is just life, it does not need to be won and any perceived missteps do not need to be mourned. Free choice is free – there is no debt to be paid if that choice fails to produce the outcome you desired. Your choices have enabled your own movement thus enabling the movement of others. This is your part in the game, be you queen, king or pawn. Play on beloved children, choose, move and bear no regret.





You reap what you sow. What you give you will also receive. These are, both, old and much used phrases and true to a point. A planter plants and waits. Tends the new growth, nurtures it along and again waits, waits ‘til the crop has worth and use. Sometimes that, carefully tended crop, fails – is of no use. This can be a crushing blow to those trying to make a living off the land and can lead to mental despair and financial hardship. Even so, these people accept that crop failure is part of farming, an unwelcome and not surprising event but what if that crop was of no use because it bore no kinship to what was sown? What if they had planted corn and daisies grew instead? Despair would not lead their thoughts, confusion and amazement would. Seeds of thought/plans can behave in both of these manners. They can fail completely  or somehow grow into something never sought. That does not mean the act of sowing was a waste of time. The planting of seed, both physical and mental, is an act of trust and hope. A bargain with the universe that you will do your part if the universe will do it’s. So, when the result is nothing like you imagined it to be and you are sure the seed was true, what do you blame? The soil = the seed’s surroundings, pollution = the seed’s influences, the seed’s nurturer = yourself or do you just rail at God, the universe and everything? Well, there is no need for blame. If you look, truly look, at the unexpected result of your hope and trust you may find that the crop to be reaped just might have far more use than you first thought, for, no matter what that seed has become, if it has been fed with faith and fairness, the universe will do it’s part and ensure  there is a harvest.


This channelling has links to a previous post Dreams and Schemes.



The path to wisdom is fraught with indecision and doubt. The monkey mind pipes up, again and again, with thoughts, such as, Do I really know what I’m doing? Who am I to believe myself worthy of great knowledge? Where is the peace and contentment thought to come with wisdom? No matter how far you have truly come, these types of thoughts will arise. Heed, they arise for everyone on every perceived level of learning. If no doubt arose even the gentlest of people would crash about life doing exactly as they pleased, possibly hurting themselves and others. Doubt and indecision has a purpose, in that, it pauses action, gives time for spirit to catch up. Free will is, somewhat, of a misnomer as within “free” will is a price and that price is responsibility. Wise, knowing people can sometimes see how another’s problems could be improved with their guidance and help and are keen to do so – even feel compelled, this is where the responsibility arises. It comes in the form of not doing but allowing – respectful inaction. The other has their own brand of wisdom and their own monkey mind is just as noisy as those seeking to help them. The enlightenment and comfort of each individual is not the responsibility of one sole individual but the responsibility of each individual soul. Doubt is not necessarily a sign of lost faith. Doubt is a sign of creative intelligence. Doubt is born from thinking of all possible outcomes for any particular circumstance, a very useful ability to preserve one’s wellbeing and that of others. We have often implored you to trust and we still ask this of you but we also understand the worth of a little doubt and indecision. You are intelligent beings who are more than capable of wise discernment. We ask, only that, you not fear doubt, that you allow it it’s place, heed it’s caution, check your pace and proceed with lightness of heart, for, faith and doubt can easily walk hand in hand.



nature-3135810_1920.jpgFar away from land, far out into the sea, lives a fish so strange to behold even other fish are wary of it. No man has laid eyes on it and won’t for many years. It is an aberration of nature, as nature is understood for now. Not truly a new species but a conglomeration of a multitude of species that have morphed through time to produce this oddity. It knows not what it is nor does it much care. It just is. It hungers and it sates it’s hunger. It swims and rests, swims and rests. There is no way for this fish to know anything of it’s self. No other fish or man can explain to it it’s oddity. Even if by some chance it could see it’s own reflection it would be uncomprehending, at best, it would assume the image to be another creature. It has no joy of it’s self. It has no sense of it’s specialness, no sense of it’s rarity. In a way, you are, each and every one of you, this fish. When you encounter your reflection it is just as hard for you to discern your true self. It is easy to believe that the image reflected back to you is a complete and accurate image. There are definite lines and edges and aside from natural changes caused by aging, fashion and grooming, the image is recognizable as being the same as the last time it was viewed. Always you, all of you and nothing more. Mmm, well, yes and no. It is the you of the now but that you has also morphed through time to become an oddity- a one of a kind. If that image was true and complete there would never be a mirror large enough to show all of you and you would be just as uncomprehending of the bits you could see. You wear many faces in this life but only one is seen. You carry the weight of many bodies but have the use of only one. You radiate the energy of many lifetimes but only live this moment. All of this is your true image, one that if it were to be loosed, would place you in the same predicament as the fish, you would assume that you were another creature but you are not. You are you, a mix of your past, your present, your future but still just you a special rarity, a strange fish indeed.



pexels-photo.jpgThe wisdom of the ages is available to any who actively seek it. Nothing is deliberately hidden from those who are ready to embrace the teachings of past or present masters. Enlightenment is not solely reserved for the elite few. Whatever your perceived station in life, creed, background or nature, you are welcome to reach and learn. Academic achievement is not a prerequisite either. It is a sad fact that many groupings of like minded people/ seekers tend to eventually segment into hierarchal formations. Jealousy and judgement win over unity and acceptance. The structures of human psyche are varied to suit each individual and the lifetime they need to act out. Your world needs deeply compassionate and knowledgeable ditch diggers as much as it needs rich and cosseted gurus. Each of these characters has the same capacity for cosmic wisdom. However, it would be of no use if everyone throughout all positions attained the same level of understanding at the same time nor would it be useful for only one group to hold all wisdom. Knowledge needs to grow like a tree and it’s roots need to spread far and wide to survive. If these roots were to grow in only one direction the tree would not flourish nor have any stability and it is just so with knowledge. It is you that can sustain it, you that it’s roots seek to hold it and in return that tree of knowledge will offer you protection in stormy times. Do not hesitate to claim your place in the shelter of the tree, for, The Tree of Knowledge exists for all.