My empty hands, I sit and ponder them. These hands that have done
so much, now showing the first signs of aging. Now spent, refusing to do the things they were once quick to achieve. My hands I ponder them and THEY come. So much of my life has changed. The things that I once enjoyed no longer hold interest for me. My hands yearn to create something new. Something I cannot hold, something I cannot see but something I can sense and THEY come.

“Our blessed child, be peace. We are here. We love. We protect. Be peace.”

For many years now I have talked to the sky and received answers. No-one knew of this until recently. It was my own private world. Filled with love and
reassurance but completely private. It seems this is to change. THEY come and THEY come for everyone. I can feel the music now but not quite hear it. I can feel the immense energy and love pouring towards me and THEY come.

“We are here. We come for all who are willing to hear. All who are willing to feel. We love , we protect. Our beloved children, listen, heed. We are love, we are peace. Trust. Our mission is to help, to guide. We are light. We are the light that is you and you are the light that is us.”

23/ 8/ 2017

” = channelled text

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