Love never dies. Just as the soul is eternal so is love. Any love. The love of man for woman, any and all romantic love; but even the love for things, both tangible and intangible. Every instance of love adds to the giver , the receiver and your world in general. Not a drop is wasted. Once created it is for eternity. The term failed marriage, for example, is in no way correct. Any union, no matter how brief, is not deemed a failure. The ending of love does not disperse the love already created. IT DOES NOT DISPERSE EVER. This does not mean you must remain in love with a person or thing. All situations must shift and change in order to promote growth but to believe love was wasted or wrong is not correct. The well of love available to you is vast beyond your imagining. It is yours. Take it, use it, bathe in it. It is yours to disperse as you wish. For it also must shit and change to grow. Never fear to love indiscriminately or often, Never worry that love jumps from being to not being. It is merely resting within you. It is yours.
Channelled 29/0216

The chakra of infinity. The connection to all and for all. Without this chakra life would be impossible. Closed the world is small. Open there is no limit to time, space or reality. The universe and beyond is contained within the heart. This chakra is eternal – does not return to essence. It IS essenceheart-669552_1920.jpg

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