dove-by-geraltGrief, it can sit like a dead weight in your body and soul, a somehow strangely comforting weight, like the weight of heavy blankets on a cold night. A comfort you return to whenever the slightest sadness occurs in your life, it gives focus to hurt, explains why you are so sad, even if, this particular sadness has no relation to previous grief. It’s as if the new sadness finds good company in the old grief. Over time more friends join in, little hurts, little slights, miniscule regrets, they all gather together to join into one huge, heavy lump, until one day you realise your entire being, your entire life is led and fed by grief. This I when the healing begins.

Our beloved children, why the grief, we ask? How can we not grieve, you ask? There is no answer to either question. To not grieve would be inhuman, to never know grief would be a miracle. If all life could be lived without grief it would be done out of love but love cannot exist without grief, grief cannot exist without love-  hard, hard truth. We can ask, only, that you turn your face to the light, always, and trust that you and yours are beloved beings of light and that light can never truly be extinguished.

Channelled 29/08/17

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