Often times there seems no reason for the way things are, the way your life seems to be heading. Trusting that all is well can be a major effort. We know that life on the Earth plane can seem slow and tedious while at the same time way too short. Time means very little to us but we understand the concept and that is all it truly is – a concept. Can you be anything other than you are right now? Can you be anything other than you are tomorrow? No – you ARE. Life is as it is. No growth, no teaching would be understood if life went exactly as you imagined or planned it should. How mindlessly bored would you become if that was the case? If you were to stand at the edge of the ocean, feet in the water and eyes to the horizon would you believe that you are seeing the edge of the world? That the world was flat and that if you could reach that horizon you may just fall off into nothingness? Of course you don’t believe that but many once did. With time and experience those “flat world” believers changed their view. They grew and evolved, gained knowledge and released fear. Just as you will do. They could not have reached that understanding without first experiencing the need to reach that far horizon – to KNOW and as all humanity now know that horizon was never reached. For horizons move and shift with the exact rate of progress the searcher makes. This is how life moves. You move forward, seemingly closer to your goal, your horizon, not always realising that horizon/goal is moving with you. It doesn’t matter if you dawdle or sprint your horizon/goal keeps pace with you. So, we ask beloved children, that you cease to fret and worry at your life. Come dawdle or sprint with us as we move towards that ever shifting horizon and be peace.

Channelled 13/09/2017sun-1654458_1920.jpg

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