clouds-2709662_1920.jpg[Regarding media coverage of worldwide troubles]part 1
These events are never meant to be part of your energy. Interest in and compassion for the troubles caused is to be expected and understandable but paying too much attention and allowing yourselves to be inundated with a constant bombardment of information regarding them is of no benefit to anyone. As lightworkers, seers and empaths allowing yourselves to fall into this unhappiness will add to it. Yes, ADD. Your job, as always, is to face the light. Sending your heart out is unneedful. Your heart remains with you and yours. That is where it is needed. That is where change and healing begins. Keeping your light focused to your personal world will aid the entire world in a greater way than you can imagine but we ask that you trust our direction on this. We watch, we protect, we wish you peace. Please allow this peace and turn your focus to the light.

part 2
We do not suggest you turn a blind eye and remain ignorant of the world. All knowledge is good but for you there is a limit. Remember, always, that many of you will be a haven for the wounded and a haven must be gentle and pure. You filter light out to the world. If that filter is muddied, how can it disperse clear, unsullied light? Live in the world but do not take it too seriously. Bring in what you know to be the truth. Bring in light and shine for all. These ideas seem hard to achieve but are they? Terrible {seemingly] things are happening in the world and while they seem o touch you, do they?Does it affect the way you cook food for your family, tend your children, do your work or even clean your teeth. Not really no. That’s not being cold. That is simply living your life. Your life. Your light. This is yours and that is theirs. This is as it should be – do not fret. Witness, understand, then lay it aside. It is not yours.
Channelled 25/05/2017
This was originally channelled for a group of which I was a part but I believe it to be relevant to all spiritual workers who are not directly affected by political troubles or natural disasters.
Love and light

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