hurricane-earth-satellite-tracking-71116.jpegA lot of misinformation is coming through about this. Most people are terrified of the consequences. The truth is there are none. What is happening with natural disasters is only facilitating the life plan of everyone involved. A hard concept to accept when most only see the tragedy of lives lost. A perfectly right and human response. The idea of anyone deserving this or being punished for supposed sins, is also incorrect. A natural flow of life and death is ALL that is happening. The Earth is not out to get you. Just as every cell in your body is rejuvenated at intervals so is the Earths. All spiritual workers understand this to be true but living on the Earth plane gets in the way and distorts this; again, perfectly natural and right reaction – you are human.
Channelled 27/6/2013 {regarding earthquakes, floods etc.]

Do not think that by living the most spiritual life you can you will forever be without doubt or fear. Half the lessons to be learnt are out of doubt and fear. Never cease to search and question but remember no matter WHAT happens to you or your loved ones you are ultimately safe from total destruction. Every thing you are and see, everything, is constantly in a state of transition. Constantly changing and moving. Some days this hard to discern. Life can seem repetitious and boring but it is a lie. Many things are happening that are not seen by people. Too much constant information is not helpful. The very simple fact is everyone needs to rest. The Earth will settle just as you will settle. The Earth will wrestle just as you will wrestle. A pattern constantly and forever repeated. Know this, accept this and be peace.
Undated but around the same time as previous channelling.

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