Is there really any difference between you and a wave in the ocean? That wave can only be a wave following the course it has taken. Being what it is and where it is. You, too, can only be what you are following the course you have taken. If peace within yourself becomes difficult to achieve, picture that wave rolling, smell it, hear it and realise there is no difference between you and it. For you are both unstoppable forces of nature. If you, or the wave, were to stop being what you are the world would tip. Breathe in, breathe out and roll with peace and love. All is good, all is God.

Channelled 11/06/2017

The source of who you are. The source of you. It has the ability to rule your head more than the others It will let you know very quickly if you stray from who you are. Peace within yourself is what creates a harmonious environment for this chakra.

Channelled 2012

We become more beautiful the moment we decide to be ourselves.

Coco Chanel

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