light-107169_1920.jpgToday we wish to speak of diamonds, specifically “diamonds in the rough”. A good phrase and one particularly apt for this teaching. The basic meaning of this phrase is that diamonds need to polished from their rough forms to become what we consider to be valuable gems. Does that mean a diamond in the rough is less than a diamond polished? No. It is the same basic matter. It has only become perceived as something else, however, the light from and through a polished diamond is much clearer. This phrase is often used to describe people and can you see how this applies? How people, can be seen, as rough or polished but still be the same basic stuff. The light made clear by polishing has always been present. Polishing did not create the light it merely released it. Agitation plays a part in the polishing process and this applies to both stones and people. Further improvements are made to base stones by cutting and shaping and again this relates to people. Many situations in life are manoeuvred to help shape people, help them cut away pieces of life that they no longer need and all the while their light becomes clearer and clearer. Many people can live from birth to death never changing from their rough, uncut state but never does that mean that they are less than their polished companions. They are merely what they are meant or choose to be. Their light is still present. All states of being are welcome in this glorious mish mash of humanity. For without the contrast of rough or polished no-one would aspire to anything and no light would be perceived without a little dark. So, choose you state of being. Choose how much light you release but know that the light is always inside you no matter how you are perceived.
Channelled 21/09/2017
Namaste – meaning
The divine light in me acknowledges the divine light in you

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