The winds of change can blow strongly through a persons life, sweeping away what isn’t needed. Dragging along, with it things that are. Change, for many, is difficult. Trust is easy to maintain when surety of what is to come is absolute. Maintaining trust when surety is removed is the hallmark of a spiritual being. For all spiritual beings know that change is the way of life. All things must change and shift, in order, to promote growth and growth is the entire reason for life. Natural storms have great benefit for the Earth. They clear away old and weak growth. They promote renewal, even if, that renewal is not particularly sought by the inhabitants in its path. Who would welcome destruction of what has been built? Who would welcome danger and loss of life? No-one, but how is change [physical and environmental] meant to occur? If storms both spiritual and physical did not exist what would life on the Earth plane be like? Ponder a moment. Ah, do you see, our beloved children, just how impossible life would be? No wind to blow away the old growth. No flooding rain to wash away the accumulated rubbish of existence. These occurrences on a physical level, if extreme, bring much heartache and loss and this is an understandable sorrow to all. Never do we mean to diminish this feeling. Spiritual storms, of course, really, only affect the individual and those closest to them. These storms can sometimes bring about just as much sorrow and heartache and again we see that as no small thing. As with grief if these storms could be removed from life they would be but for every moment of rest there needs to be action. For every sleep there must be an awakening. So, weather the storms as best you can our dear children. Let the winds carry you along. Let the rains wash you clean and always believe that peace will follow the tempest.
Channelled 27/09/2017

Relevant excerpt from personal channelling

Just like a pond that has been disturbed right to the bottom, making all the pond murky, you to have been disturbed and just like the pond you will settle and become clear. Agitation and disruption is not always pleasant at the time but much growth and change is achieved by these things. Still water, no matter how beautiful, will always become stagnant if not agitated.
Channelled 17/09/2016

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