man-2814937_1920.jpgThe measure of a man – what does this mean? It certainly isn’t about girth nor is it about worth. This saying is used when assuming that what a man will do, how he will act, can be known or judged by another. How can one man/woman know what another will do? Really it can’t be done. The human brain is an entirely private affair. All-consuming and closed to others. Many believe they can tap into others’ thoughts, guess what another will do. We say not so. Barriers are in place that can allow a certain amount of thought energy through but only a miniscule amount. This is a protection for all. Could you imagine life if we all heard each-others’ thoughts constantly? AHH! it could not be tolerated. There are many, very clever people, who can hear thoughts clearly but even they are not privy to all. This is a valuable gift at times but completely unneedful for most. If living and being your true self is difficult never look to compare yourself to another. Never think you know another well enough to do that. For what we see is an illusion, just as what others see is an illusion. We are all merely cartoons, animated drawings, telling a story. How that story plays out is not entirely in our control. Though we like to think that. Think, think, think, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, round and round. They are not you, the are not them. To believe you know can be a comfort. To know you don’t know is a sign of true wisdom. “I don’t know” is the best and truest mantra any man or woman can have. To not know things and be content with that situation is the kindest and easiest way to live. To not know but to just be and do, that may be the truest measure of a man. That may be all we need to know to KNOW.
Channelled 05/10/2017

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