The blank page – a lovely sight to those who write or draw. The feel of the paper, the smell, the vast blankness, waiting to be filled. Your life, too, can be this blank, pure canvas onto which you can create anything you desire. Sometimes what has been created must be discarded. We can all see now a frustrated writer ripping off a page from a pad, screwing it up and casting it aside. What we need to discard can be cast aside just as easily and just like the writer we will find a new page beneath, even if, it feels your book may be already written, your story winding down to an inevitable end. Renewal and second chances are part of God’s law. Never must you endure circumstances because you believe your story must be or end a certain way. You are allowed, to reach forth, grasp that page that does not suit, tear it away and be rid of it. Begin again and again knowing it is allowed. Knowing that what you create and discard has as much worth as what you create and keep. For what you create, good or bad, is your life and you it’s only author. So beloved children, create, discard, breathe in, breathe out and dwell in peace knowing another page always awaits.
Channelled 12/10/2017notes-514998_1920.jpgnotes-514998_1920.jpg

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