Often times daily life can be so demanding, so frenetic and demanding, filled with things that must be done. Splattered lightly with things that are wanted to be done. The balance often tips to need leaving want wanting. If you were to draw up a list of every, single, thing done in an average day the want list would be sadly lacking. What to do about this? How could life be lived comfortably or successfully if all that was done was wanted or desired? So many people believe what they really want cannot fit into thier daily lives, ever. Day after day becomes a humdrum, automated existence. Sad. We ask why and you say; because I need to earn money. I need to feed the family and myself. I need to have clean clothes. I need to care for my children. All this is so. All this has merit but if you look at the last few sentences the most common word, besides need, is I. What truly is this “I”? Is it you? Is it your spouse? No? This “I” is the ego that projects out to the world what it thinks it needs. This is what controls and manipulates your reality. It is the voice in your head spinning tales of fear and lack, denying any access to want, which comes from the heart and is deaf to “I”. Of course, many mundane chores must be done to live and even stay alive on the Earth plane. To abandon them all would not be possible. We suggest, only, that your ears try to listen to the want beating in your heart rather than the want born of the “I”. Fear has no place in the heart and want’s beating, if heeded, can easily drown out the voice in your head. To not listen to your beating, wanting heart, at least sometimes, is to live with joy forgotten and joy is easy to remember, for you all came from joy and it is to joy that you will return.

Channelled 23/10/2017person-984124_1920.jpg

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