More often than not, the process of healing takes on the form of many tiny, little incidences rather than one huge experience. This is a way of facilatating the intergration of the teaching/learning that accompanies the healing. If instantaneous healing occurred in every time of crisis not much thought would be given to the circumstances and causes surrounding the health issue. Healing would simply be expected and a very shallow understanding of the energy needed from many sources would be all that was achieved. There is always a hidden blessing in ill health or afflictions, obviously, not always seen by the ill or afflicted but here it needs to be remembered that we are all eternal beings and each lifetime merely a blink of time in comparison to that eternal state. How many times have you wondered at the haleness of someone or the constant pain of another? What has been done to bring about their predicament? Is it good genes versus suspect? Good eating habits versus bad or just karma? All and more. Optimal circumstances for good or not so good health not only comes from one’s life plan but must be helped along by the individual acting out as human. Never are these challenges meant as a punishment. They are only ever a teaching tool. Blame for others or self has no part either. There is no doubt many unecessary wrongs are done to the Earth but mostly any perceived relation to illness and the level of pollution is , again, just a manipulated set of circumstances to tell the desired story. We grieve when you grieve. We ail when you ail. We DO NOT send heartbreak or trauma. We enable growth and you aid us in this, for, on the deepest level you know this and co-create with us. Even when healing occurs it is not really about the physical it is always more to do with the spiritual. What we carry spiritually seeps through to the physical so it can be seen, witnessed as something tangible and addressed. Mental heartbreak cannot be placed in a cast and mended but an ailing physical heart can be tangibly tended and repaired. This is the only way to reach back to the spiritual heart and heal the link between the two. Always the spiritual body oversees the physical. Always the spiritual body contains the memory of why we are here and what we truly are, The prayer uttered for healing should not so much be “please God heal me” but “please God help me remember myself”

Channelled 26/10/2017sunset-585334_1920.jpg

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