For many years of their lives people gather things to them believing they are needed, believing that to be successful at life, to be a great person, they need to surround themselves with things. Believing their worth, their personage is somehow reflected or stored in these objects and it is true. A personal possession can store the energy of it’s owner quite strongly. Just as many native tribes once believed that a picture taken of themselves could somehow take a little of their soul, coveted and cherished objects, can, actually do this. The more closely held objects especially. If these objects are viewed with appreciation for their beauty or simply add light pleasure to a person’s life then there is no problem. If these objects are viewed as treasure and hoarded and guarded jealously they become poison to the soul. We create and we create whatever we wish. So why then do we believe we must keep, forever, the things we create or acquire? Time moves and shifts constantly and the energy needed for this to run smoothly and easily is best served by not dragging along with it the often stagnant, unhealthy energy of things. So, you, on the physical plane, need things to live a physical life, practical things, beautiful things and some simply to enjoy – no problem there but when your time is done what happens to the things? The Egyptians tried to take theirs with them thinking they would have use of them in their living death. All they created with their greed was more greed. Some people, even today, are buried with little treasures, sentimental objects, what purpose does this serve? Is it being thought that these objects carry so much of the dead persons energy that they could not be tolerated by the living? In many cases – yes. Pushing your mind, heart and soul into an object is like forcefully pushing your feet into quicksand and still believing you could move freely. We are not advocating the supposed words of Jesus “throw away your worldly goods and follow me”, we simply advise caution as to what you freely give your energy to; where you store that energy to one-day release it to another. All you create and gather carries a tiny bit of you. For the sake of yourselves and your benefactors it is best if that piece contained peace. Gather your objects, love your objects and when the time is right release them with ease and light for they are only things – flotsam on the sea that is you.

Channelled 02/11/2017

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