In olden times seafarers embarked on voyages without really knowing where they were going. The call of the sea, the mystery of what could lie there pulled them beyond rational thought. Was it pure bravery on their part or some primeval need to try and escape where they were – a search for something better? Could any one of you imagine doing that now? They went with little knowledge of the world, maybe some rough, suspect maps, a tale or two they had heard from strangers, no solid truths and still they ventured out. Now you know we will say your life has the same pull as these seafarers and that you know as little as they about what you will find. You have so many more resources at your disposal compared to the people of that time. That doesn’t mean that you and they are different, only the physical surroundings have changed. That yearning in your heart, that curiosity has and will burn in man/woman for eternity. It is the magic cord of light, gently tugging you along to glide through the loving, supporting waters of the life stream. Often it feels as though that cord of light has been caught on an unexpected reef, slowing or pausing any forward movement and you will struggle and fight to release yourself. There is no need for this. That perceived snag, is really, just the lights way of allowing rest. The vast ocean of what is before you, bides. The adventure of life, the story being told never ceases. The rests experienced are akin to the pause between breaths when your breathing is calm and measured. With these tiny pauses, the next breath seems even sweeter. So, when that loving cord of light seems to snag cease to struggle, breathe. Breathe in, breathe out. Know you are loved and cared for. Know that the life stream will always lead you to your yearning and when you have reached that which you sought the flow of the life stream will shift again and a new calling will sound – a constant and ever repeating pattern. Rest peacefully on the reefs knowing the ocean bides. Breathe in, breathe out and fare thee well our beloved seafarers.

Channelled 11/11/2017reaching hand.jpg

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