The new millennium will bring many changes to Earth. Cherished landscapes will shift and change. Disbelief and grief will accompany these changes. Man will scramble to try and preserve what they see as loss. There is no need for this. Mother Earth begins to rejuvenate herself. A process she has repeated for all time. Humanity, as a whole has the mistaken belief that what they build/create is permanent. They wish to make their mark and leave something for future generations, a noble thought but rarely is anything done to serve Earth. Houses, bridges, roads do not make the Earth they simply rest upon her. Modern man does consider his impact on Earth and rightly so but to believe all changes are due to his intervention is untrue. Earth is a living, evolving entity far removed from bricks and mortar. If she decides to create no-thing will deter her. This is not spite. The Earth struggles to rejuvenate but there is joy in this. She rolls and shifts as one would in peaceful slumber, looking for a more comfortable position after a long period of inertia. She moves to move you. Very little will truly be lost. New landscapes will appear, new species will come to life and even some thought extinct will re-emerge. This has been the way of Earth for all time. Modern man, in his folly, has chosen to forget this. Mother Earth cares for her children and as any good parent will allow need to override want. If you allow her this and follow rather than fight perhaps you will see the gain rather than the loss. Perhaps you will see only destruction can bring resurrection and only Earth can preserve life.


Channelled 17/11/2017

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