Resentment is sticky. How many times have you been upset with someone who you think has done you wrong and been mentally bombarding them with angry resentment only to find your thoughts/feelings have no bearing on them? Often they remain totally oblivious to the emotions running through you. This is not a fault in them. They are not uncaring it’s just that resentment never leaves your own aura. It sticks to you and causes you grief not the one you resent and because you begin to feel physically and emotionally worse from that stickiness, you begin to blame the other even more. A nasty little loop of ill will. Boomerang emotions. This sticky resentment builds layers onto your aura which, if unchecked, will gradually eat down to the physical creating lasting unease there. If this could be seen by normal sight it would appear as a pliable matter such as play dough. Releasing it’s grip is possible but much introspection is needed. All spiritually minded people know the principle of what you send out you will also receive but do they also know that what they unknowingly keep will double and triple if that which they keep is unhealthy? Feeling you have been dealt with unfairly can bring up many emotions and can be surprisingly hurtful. None of this should be ignored or squashed, it must be acknowledged. All situations are a learning. All situations have merit. To begin to heal resentment first feel where it is in or on you rather than try to perceive where it has struck the other because it wont have. It will still be there with you it’s creator. Often the one resented can sense the stickiness on the other but does not understand what it is. This creates confusion between the two. More unneedful emotions are born. More confusion flutters between the two. It is at this point that people of the light must take responsibility and truly live the principles they have been shown – healer heal thy self. No apologies, no change of circumstance will rid you of resentment. This healing must come from within. This is when you show absolutely that your light shines from within not from without and it cannot be affected by another unless you choose it to be. So peel away that resentment. release yourself from that hurt misdirected and walk freely in grace.


Channelled 30/11/2017father-and-son-2258681_1920.jpg

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