Newly formed growth is a tender thing. Gentle nurturing is the best method to promote steady progress. A well intentioned but heavy hand will soon bring negative results. This principle applies to both botanical life and sentient beings. Many small spurts of growth are experienced in an average life span. Not all need prompting or nurturing, some occur with very little notice from the recipient. They are still integrated and assimilated within the being just as easily. Often spiritually minded people , seekers, try to push themselves into accelerated growth thinking there is a goal to be reached. Thinking there is an end point to learning and that if they reach that end point all trouble will be over – nirvana. What they are not seeing is their immediate perfection. In every moment of life you are perfection for that moment. Believe this to be true and you will find that the growth you seek is already happening. Be still and listen now…. do you see that you are not in the same state as you were before you began reading? This is growth. It happens constantly and unconsciously. There is no need to seek it. It is happening now and now and….now. If you breathe, if your heart beats and you are alive you are growing in every way possible. When you can grow no more in this form your form will change to allow new growth in a new form – death, simply one of the major growth spurts. A very hard concept to accept with a smile and we acknowledge that. To be aware of this principle is enough. We do not ask that you dismiss any sadness over death for we do not. What we suggest you dismiss is the misconception that you must force growth to somehow win at life. You have already won life. You are here and you grow. Tend gently the growth you can see and trust we tend the growth you cannot, for, the roots of your being are here with us in the light.


Channelled 01/12/2017

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