Love. All you need is love. Love is all you need. Words written, so finely, by The Beatles. So many words similar written by so many artists, authors and poets. Easy to write about, easy to read but where exactly is love? Is it in the air- another popular song? Is it in your mind? Your heart? Your belly? Mmm, where to find it. We know it exists. We can sometimes feel it ‘til  we think we will burst with it’s enormity. We can read it in peoples faces but how are we seeing it? How do we know what it is? We can’t hold it, fold it and store it in a box for safekeeping and some so long to do just that. Much easier to be sure of never being without it and it seems many of you do achieve this feat. The fear of letting loose their own store of love can prevent some from ever allowing any to rest upon another. It is as if they believe giving love will somehow deplete their allowance of love. How amazingly untrue that thought is. If you were to spend your entire life denying love, keeping it in your box, refusing to give it away it would not mean you would have more at the end of life because that box you have tried to store it in would have been secretly leaking all those years. You cannot not love. It is impossible. You can pretend as actors do, as the actors you are but it truly is not possible. If any being were to be born into this world that did not emerge from love/light {the two things are the same} this world would cease to exist. It is challenging to believe that every single person not only is capable of love but IS love. Atrocious acts are performed by atrocious people and no love can be discerned by the gentler folk. It is there nonetheless. This is one of the hardest principles to accept but it is also one of the basic principles. People, as a whole and individually cannot exist without love at the core. For, as with joy, you all came from love and will all return to love. We have said in the past {2006}” To begin with love and understanding is to begin at the end. All things and beings end with love. No life is wasted. No-one is forsaken. This is God’s law.” So trying to store away your ration of love is of no use. Trying to find where love is, trying to grasp it in your hands, none of this will work. For this elusive love you seek to understand is nowhere else but in and of your being. The moment you recognize love in another’s face is the moment you are recognizing yourself. Love is already stored in a leaky box and the box is you.


Channelled 04/12/2017

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