There are many roads that lead to peace of mind and enlightenment. Dedicated seekers will try many paths, hopping from one to the other, searching always, believing the next method may be the one to finally open their eyes and heart. No real harm in that but it can become a way of life rather than the way of light. It is always good to be curious of other’s ways and ideas , any knowledge is worthwhile but believing someone else has the one answer you need to break through a perceived block is not completely true. You know people are placed into your life to deliver circumstances and information you need and these instances will spur you on to new thought and ways but, really, that information is coming straight from light to you. The people are merely mouthpieces- they are not the answer they enable the answer. Some very wise people are enigmatic, attractive people and because of this it is easy to believe that they are somehow more than yourself. Not so. You are the way and the light as much as they. Every person’s way is their own way, unique soully/solely to themselves and that way is akin to a path at the bottom of a valley with rolling hills either side. These hills have the benefit of hiding what you don’t need and giving a clear picture of the direction needed. It can be so tempting to abandon that clear path, climb those hills to see what lies beyond and people often do. Mostly there is no real benefit to this. Sometimes a lot of energy is wasted, energy that could have been spent peacefully forging along the intended path. When the desire is strong, when your yearning heart and restless feet begin to pull you up that hill, pause a moment, breathe, remember your path is your own and that you do not truly walk it alone. For, the light you seek walks with you and illumines the path- your path, always. So tread softly our beloved children, knowing your path is true, knowing there is peace in the valley and wisdom in your own way.


Channelled 09/12/2017

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