Since the world began mankind has searched for happiness. No matter their circumstance, supposedly good or bad, people search for more. Few believe that what they have is enough, even, those with outwardly charmed lives. Of course, those in less than desirable positions are expected to want to improve their lot. How can this be done in a way that will satisfy – put an end to want and make one cease to reach? We don’t have an answer but another question. What would life be like if everyone had exactly and as much as they desired? Frightening, we think. Imagine every single person walking about constantly smiling, always happy and fulfilled. Never having to work or struggle, never striving or trying. Are you beginning to see how very strange that would be or do you believe this is what Heaven promises? Try as we might we cannot make this type of heaven nor do we really want to. Being human – incarnate – is a form of teaching and as we have said before when you have learnt all you can from that state you disincarnate to, in time, reincarnate. Between these events you continue to learn and surprisingly still reach for more. Now, many of you are either gasping with shock or are dismissing the idea. That’s ok, gasp and dismiss away. Even though we are all beings of light, no matter our present form, none of us is complete. We reach and strive to be more, to understand more. This is the way of all of us. This is the way of the soul through life and death and back again. To believe that once you are no longer in human form you will be any more perfect than you are capable of being now is fallacy. You learn and grow from your perspective and we learn and grow from ours. We ask that you do not believe we are more than you, for, we do not believe you are less than us. We use the term “ beloved children “ as an indicator of our relationship to you. In our state we are able to guide and protect as any good parent would. We cherish this connection as we cherish you. We are not in the Heaven some long for. We are here with you and you with us. We are all the same, we are all the one.


Channelled 11/12/2017

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