The night sky, it captivates. How often have you stared at the night sky and wondered things that would never have entered your head during the day? It is of great benefit to do this occasionally. It can be an awake and aware meditation and if you can ponder the light and dark in your own being at the same time, new insights may occur. All that vast, limitless blackness speckled with, seemingly, tiny pinpoints of light. Your essence, too, can be like this. The blackness is not necessarily a bad thing and the light not necessarily the only saving grace. There is as much creation in the darkness as there is in the light. That darkness contains many things essential to life. It is the background to the canvas on which you paint your experience. That darkness will make any colour you add seem all the more vivid. As mankind has gained the ability to travel past the sky and into space proper you now know there is even more behind that blackness and it is just so with your own. There is more than you can see and it is wonderous. To believe there is only dark and light, only good and bad is like still believing there is nothing beyond the dome of the sky. To live on the Earth plane some things must be veiled from your sight, this the darkness also achieves. No-one can stare directly at the Sun – the brightest light of all but everyone can peacefully ponder the stars and moon. Everyone can see then that light does not have to blind to emerge from the dark, if that dark, is simply allowed it’s place and to be. So, when you contemplate the night sky we ask you remember that everyone needs a little dark it serves to accentuate their light.


Channelled 12/12/2017

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