You perceive the world through your senses, mostly through sight and sound, a huge portion directly through the air. Television, radio computers and now, with the advent of new technologies, any time day or night. Never in your history has information been so readily available. No other generation had the where with all to be so immediately and comprehensively aware of major world events. The entertainment industry has now the ability to create anything it can conjure. At times it can be hard to discern what is real and what is computer generated fantasy. All this is seemingly wonderful, a type of magic. These abilities are part of mankind’s growth plan and must be allowed but [ and it’s a big but] none of it is particularly beneficial to the human psyche. The available images and detailed stories of horrendous acts, news coverage of natural disasters are hard enough to see and hear at the time but what many of you are not realising is that those images are not dispelling once you turn off the media source. These images are absorbed by you, they insidiously burrow their way down into your energy to unconsciously affect your actions and mind. There is a part of your programming left blank for you to influence with your choices. It is somewhat like a paint palette. You choose the colours and these colours go on to colour you and your experience. If these colours are tainted by the negative energy of the things you have read or seen their clarity will be diminished and the picture you paint of your inner world will be affected greatly. To stay informed and aware is seen by many as a must and it would be impossible to stay completely ignorant of the world. What we do suggest is that you recognize the choice you have, recognize that the images you view also affect your inner and outward view. You are allowed to turn off the t.v and fold up the newspaper, you will not be seen as less intelligent or uncaring. You are not obligated to endure heartache that is not your own. So, choose your palette carefully our beloved children and colour your world beautiful.


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