Misty is the air between reality and illusion, between existence and non-existence and you would be surprised just how thin the line between the physical state and the spiritual state really is. It is your will that keeps you here with every breath you take. If that will faulters for too long, too often, life can become very strange. Many little blips of non-presence can scatter a persons thought processes, leading to confusion, dis-ease and dis-connectiveness. Your projected images flicker on and off like the jerky images of a very old movie. Many spiritual practices advise conscious presence and mindfulness with good reason. You know that humans spend a great deal of their present moment with their minds in the past or the future and you know that none of what is experienced there is real, it no longer exists or is not yet manifest. What is “real” is the present moment and it is made of choice and will. “I am here” is a truth, any other thought is a lie – an illusion. People like to dream, to plan, that is part of creating a life story and that’s ok but when the future is the only focus for that story not much is being created for the present. The present becomes a barren desert with the future a shimmering haze in the distance – a mirage. Realising your life has become this empty landscape can be scary but take heart, for, you cannot be truly lost you are here and you are not an illusion, you are the present moment – the only real thing.


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