This year is a year of transitions. A year of evaluating what is worth holding dear and what needs to be released. Major and minor decisions will need to be made by many people many times, over and over again, seemingly without end. Possibilities are endless and plans put in place will seem somehow elastic, shifting and changing in all directions. Many will feel less than confident that their dreams and schemes will come to fruition. Frustration, if allowed, will rule the day. This is not the universe playing tricks. This is a method employed to enforce commitment to self. To solidify one’s belief that no matter what road is taken all of them will lead to where they need to be. Choice and will keep you here and choice and will steer you through life but the cosmos overrules when necessary. Dedicated seekers of the spiritual usually have a much broader perspective of life, a deeper acceptance of the part played by unseen energies but even they are somewhat blinkered to the entire truth – this is necessary. You still co- create with us and your desires are still the foremost consideration but how can you plan for something of which you have no knowledge? For us it is like trying to describe the sense of taste to someone with no taste buds. The wheel of fate turns constantly with many little diversions on the way. Please believe these diversions are worthwhile. Trust that the universe truly has your back, always and ways. Take heart that all roads lead to home, for, home dwells inside you and travels with you every step of the way.



Relevant previous channelling

Roses, they bloom in their own time. Bloom beautifully if cared for and nurtured but even bloom when they are neglected and forgotten. You, too, can bloom in either circumstance. Sometimes the latter circumstance of neglect is what encourages the rose to bloom, is it defiance on the roses part or God’s hand knowing what needs to occur?


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