music-2087771_1920.jpgThe path of a healer allows for many teachings, not all of them seem kind. These mostly gentle people work directly from the heart, they not so much have an occupation but a calling, one they cannot help but answer. Healers, in their own way, sing. The immense diversity of human experience creates a myriad of ailments, each particular and peculiar to that experience. All carry their own vibration/song. It is that song a healer must hear and sing with in counter harmony. Many people, many songs each unique to that healing. At times there is no counter harmony to be sung , the afflicted must sing their song solo to the end. All healers know that not every illness is meant to healed, some situations must be allowed to be. To stay their hands and to silence their songs is the grief of the healers. Knowledge of the spiritual laws concerning death and dying does not always ease an aching heart nor does it remove compassion. Healers can feel this heartache doubly so, especially if the afflicted is held dear. The amazing strength of conviction shown by these beautiful people is a credit to all humanity, it lights the way to much understanding, much wisdom. The personal cost to healers can be high and it is this we wish to address. Beloved healers KNOW this. When your hands have been stilled and your songs silenced trust there will be an entire choir softly crooning, this time in perfect harmony with the original song of the soul to guide their own home. Believe this, trust this, for we sing also and for our beloved children our song is always a gentle lullaby. Be peace healers and sing your songs knowing you are not alone, knowing the choir bides.



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