Far away from land, far out into the sea, lives a fish so strange to behold even other fish are wary of it. No man has laid eyes on it and won’t for many years. It is an aberration of nature, as nature is understood for now. Not truly a new species but a conglomeration of a multitude of species that have morphed through time to produce this oddity. It knows not what it is nor does it much care. It just is. It hungers and it sates it’s hunger. It swims and rests, swims and rests. There is no way for this fish to know anything of it’s self. No other fish or man can explain to it it’s oddity. Even if by some chance it could see it’s own reflection it would be uncomprehending, at best, it would assume the image to be another creature. It has no joy of it’s self. It has no sense of it’s specialness, no sense of it’s rarity. In a way, you are, each and every one of you, this fish. When you encounter your reflection it is just as hard for you to discern your true self. It is easy to believe that the image reflected back to you is a complete and accurate image. There are definite lines and edges and aside from natural changes caused by aging, fashion and grooming, the image is recognizable as being the same as the last time it was viewed. Always you, all of you and nothing more. Mmm, well, yes and no. It is the you of the now but that you has also morphed through time to become an oddity- a one of a kind. If that image was true and complete there would never be a mirror large enough to show all of you and you would be just as uncomprehending of the bits you could see. You wear many faces in this life but only one is seen. You carry the weight of many bodies but have the use of only one. You radiate the energy of many lifetimes but only live this moment. All of this is your true image, one that if it were to be loosed, would place you in the same predicament as the fish, you would assume that you were another creature but you are not. You are you, a mix of your past, your present, your future but still just you a special rarity, a strange fish indeed.


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