The wisdom of the ages is available to any who actively seek it, nothing is deliberately hidden from those who are ready to embrace the teachings of past or present masters. Enlightenment is not solely reserved for the elite few, whatever your perceived station in life, creed, background or nature, you are welcome to reach and learn. Academic achievement is not a prerequisite either. It is a sad fact that many groupings of like minded people/ seekers tend to eventually segment into hierarchal formations, jealousy and judgement win over unity and acceptance leaving some bereft of access to teachings. The structures of human psyche are varied to suit each individual and the lifetime they need to act out. Your world needs deeply compassionate and knowledgeable ditch diggers as much as it needs rich and cosseted gurus, each of these characters has the same capacity for cosmic wisdom, however, it would be of no use if everyone throughout all positions attained the same level of understanding at the same time nor would it be useful for only one group to hold all wisdom. Knowledge needs to grow like a tree and it’s roots need to spread far and wide to survive, if these roots were to grow in only one direction the tree would not flourish nor have any stability and it is just so with knowledge. It is you that can sustain it, you that it’s roots seek to hold it and in return that tree of knowledge will offer you protection in stormy times. Do not hesitate to claim your place in the shelter of the tree, for, The Tree of Knowledge exists for all.



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