The path to wisdom is fraught with indecision and doubt. The monkey mind pipes up, again and again, with thoughts, such as, Do I really know what I’m doing? Who am I to believe myself worthy of great knowledge? Where is the peace and contentment thought to come with wisdom? No matter how far you have truly come, these types of thoughts will arise. Heed, they arise for everyone on every perceived level of learning. If no doubt arose even the gentlest of people would crash about life doing exactly as they pleased, possibly hurting themselves and others. Doubt and indecision has a purpose, in that, it pauses action, gives time for spirit to catch up. Free will is, somewhat, of a misnomer as within “free” will is a price and that price is responsibility. Wise, knowing people can sometimes see how another’s problems could be improved with their guidance and help and are keen to do so – even feel compelled, this is where the responsibility arises. It comes in the form of not doing but allowing – respectful inaction. The other has their own brand of wisdom and their own monkey mind is just as noisy as those seeking to help them. The enlightenment and comfort of each individual is not the responsibility of one sole individual but the responsibility of each individual soul. Doubt is not necessarily a sign of lost faith. Doubt is a sign of creative intelligence. Doubt is born from thinking of all possible outcomes for any particular circumstance, a very useful ability to preserve one’s wellbeing and that of others. We have often implored you to trust and we still ask this of you but we also understand the worth of a little doubt and indecision. You are intelligent beings who are more than capable of wise discernment. We ask, only that, you not fear doubt, that you allow it it’s place, heed it’s caution, check your pace and proceed with lightness of heart, for, faith and doubt can easily walk hand in hand.


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