You reap what you sow. What you give you will also receive. These are, both, old and much used phrases and true to a point. A planter plants and waits. Tends the new growth, nurtures it along and again waits, waits ‘til the crop has worth and use. Sometimes that, carefully tended crop, fails – is of no use. This can be a crushing blow to those trying to make a living off the land and can lead to mental despair and financial hardship. Even so, these people accept that crop failure is part of farming, an unwelcome and not surprising event but what if that crop was of no use because it bore no kinship to what was sown? What if they had planted corn and daisies grew instead? Despair would not lead their thoughts, confusion and amazement would. Seeds of thought/plans can behave in both of these manners. They can fail completely or somehow grow into something never sought. That does not mean the act of sowing was a waste of time. The planting of seed, both physical and mental, is an act of trust and hope. A bargain with the universe that you will do your part if the universe will do it’s. So, when the result is nothing like you imagined it to be and you are sure the seed was true, what do you blame? The soil = the seed’s surroundings, pollution = the seed’s influences, the seed’s nurturer = yourself or do you just rail at God, the universe and everything? Well, there is no need for blame. If you look, truly look, at the unexpected result of your hope and trust you may find that the crop to be reaped just might have far more use than you first thought, for, no matter what that seed has become, if it has been fed with faith and fairness, the universe will do it’s part and ensure there is a harvest.


This channelling has links to a previous post Dreams and Schemes.

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