Regret, it sits heavily in the heart of those who bear it, that long anguished sigh of sadness travels through them, dragging their energy downwards fixing them to the spot preventing forward movement, if only for seconds. All of you wear regret to some degree, most let it bide and ride figuring it is an accepted part of existence, it may be part of existence but it is best if it is not easily accepted. It is of no use or benefit. Life can be somewhat like a game of chess with each of you the pieces. Most of you don’t know which piece you are – queen, king, pawn, no matter, you each have the same value, each plays a part. These pieces have their own boundaries and positions, they can only move in a certain way and only occupy the one space at a time, giving them their own perspective. It is just the same for you and from this perspective a choice must be made, a plan set in place, to win to succeed but what if that choice does not result in success? Is it the pieces fault or is it the fault of the hand of fate? Perhaps. While you all have free choice the hand of fate does have a habit of reaching in to disrupt the play, even to the point that it seems to throw the board into the air, scattering all the pieces and causing much confusion. What then would have happened to all the choices? A choice is not a sacred thing it is not something valuable in itself. It is a method of repositioning yourself on the game board of life , a needful tactic, for games and life need to move. You cannot know for certain what another piece/person will do. Their plan is their own and the fickle hand of fate will just as happily disrupt their game as it will yours. To believe a loss, any loss, was all your doing is to believe that you alone have the power to control every piece in the game. That you alone are beyond the reach of fate. Your fellow pieces are not the enemy nor is fate, all of it is just life, it does not need to be won and any perceived missteps do not need to be mourned. Free choice is free – there is no debt to be paid if that choice fails to produce the outcome you desired. Your choices have enabled your own movement thus enabling the movement of others. This is your part in the game, be you queen, king or pawn. Play on beloved children, choose, move and bear no regret.



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