Every adult knows that the best way to solve the riddle of a garden maze is to raise themselves higher so the entire puzzle can be seen. Children, at first, don’t know this. Most would gladly blunder along, enjoying the adventure, until perhaps, they become tired or confused and maybe a little scared. Is it age bringing wisdom that eventually allows children to find the solution or is it the confusion and fright enforcing the need for an answer? Probably a little of both. The tactic of raising yourself higher for a more comprehensive view is one that can be applied to many circumstances in life. We ask, many times, that you live in the moment, deal with what is actually happening now and we still advise this. That does not mean that if you are uncomprehending of what you are experiencing in the moment you must transfix your body and mind until you do comprehend . We suggest that, whilst staying in the moment, a higher perspective can be sought. In some situations it can seem as if you are facing a mammoth wall of obstruction – a dead end with no way round. It can seem the only logical option is to turn back. In a physical maze these walls are created with and for amusement, it is part of the game. In a real life situation these walls can be created by thoughts, yours and the thoughts of others. Rarely are these dead ends tangible, even so, these walls of thought can be scaled. You can rise above them, achieve a different view from a higher point and even if the exit is some distance away the promise of resolution can be a comfort and help renew your resolve to not retrace your steps but continue on with faith. For you are no longer blundering children and you have no reason to become scared. You are wise adults who can enjoy the adventure of the maze, knowing you have the ability to raise yourselves higher, knowing you will always find your way.



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