Lost in the depths of despair people often shut themselves away, preferring others not see their weakness. This is a primeval response to hurt and vulnerability. When the world had a much more brutal and primitive environment those who were hurt would seek a safe hiding place,make themselves small and await healing, knowing with their strength sapped they were easy prey for predators. In this time, your time, physical injury is no longer the prime reason to hide. Mental and spiritual anguish is what pushes people into seclusion. Removing oneself from society can create, for a time, a safe and peacefully controlled existence but never should isolation become a life, a habit. Many, who have become trapped in their once haven, no longer remember that there is another way to live. Their closed minds and hearts have,seemingly, sealed over and scarred, like old wounds, locking the hurt inside. Often, in their mind’s eye, they imagine the outside world, imagine others playing out their lives, sometimes sneeringly believing they can never again be part of it or believe it is just too risky and that they are safer where they are. How very sad. Unfortunately the healing of this situation needs to begin within the person themselves. Those who are strong can be very tempted to try and force the secluded into the open. This will not work. Given time and peace the false images of the mind’s eye will begin to disperse. That eye will become more of a window, one that does not reflect themselves but allows them to look outwards. It is then they need to see a simple sign to draw them out. From where would that sign come? Who would provide it? Long ago ancient man, whose communities were separated by great distances, made use of the smoke from their campfires to communicate. Not only could the smoke relay messages there was then, as is now, a message in the fire itself. Campfires symbolize a living community, comfort and warmth, they draw the lonely and frightened like a magnet, they offer light and safety. Light and safety is what we all seek and light can be found anywhere as long as it is continually lit by those who are able for those who are not. So, beloved children, BE the sign, light your campfires, create the light and allow the wounded to seek you. Send up your smoke signals and show the way to hope and unity.



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