There are so many influences to each life experience. You live your life forever surrounded by other people, even if, your circle of friends is limited or you live in a sparsely populated location, the energy of others still affects your energy. It can seem surprisingly difficult for those energies to harmonize but you manage better than you think. If you were to stand completely alone within an empty landscape you would assume that you were only encountering your own presence, not so, physical distance is of no account. If you are alone in this moment, pause a minute, close your eyes, reach out and sense. Mmm….. and can you feel the others? Your energy, each and every one of you, is as vast as an ocean and just as an ocean it truly has no end. All energies merge, though still shifting and redirecting to flow in various ways but never separating. You drag parts of the merged energy with you wherever you go. Disharmony of spirit occurs when that dragged energy feels heavy, burdensome but is it really that weighty? Can you not still move and doesn’t that merged energy in someway help support your own? Through the ages God seekers have tried, in often extreme ways, to become one with God, to have, to be nothing else but part of God. This they may have thought to have achieved, if only fleetingly, by forcefully separating themselves from others, finding their own quiet nook and damming off the sea of energies to become their own private little pond. This can seem peaceful even healing for a time, no other influences – they think- just their own energy/water but as we have said before “ still water, no matter how beautiful, will always become stagnant if not agitated”. In time that separated water looses it’s ability to sustain or create life. It needs the moving, life supporting essence of the ocean, that magnificent, all encompassing ocean, that is all humanity, that is all God, unity with this is the true oneness sought. For you, they, him, her, us and God ARE the ocean. We all meld together. We all carry each other whether we are aware or not.  No-one carries more than they are able nor is anyone ever truly alone. So beloved children, flow on with peace and grace through the ocean with no end knowing you are lifted in equal measure to whatever weight you carry.



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