Sometimes in the wake of upheaval, when something catastrophic has caused life to shift abruptly, thoughts can turn repeatedly to the past. Replaying over and over the catalyst to the event, picking apart tiny moments or circumstances that could have played out differently – if only thoughts. If only that hadn’t been done. If only that hadn’t been said. Where do these “ if only” thoughts lead? They go nowhere but inside your own head, bouncing about, depleting your energy, giving you a fantastical promise of control. If only you could push your new insights backwards in time you could fix everything. You know your present thoughts affect your reality and well being in the now and most of you work consciously to ensure your thoughts of the future are positive, these thoughts have the potential to manifest, thoughts of the past, however, do not. The restructuring of the past is a game your ego plays, one it enjoys immensely. Ponder this, if you will, from the ego’s view, it believes it could have had the foresight at the time , without any particular knowledge of the future, to manipulate events to arrive at a different outcome. How could it foresee of that which it had no knowledge? That is egotistical even for the ego. So, while the maniacal ego is dreaming it’s schemes of impossible time travel, where are you? Are you here now or lost in a false past, a useless past? The past does not smoothly connect with the future, only the present has that ability. Trying to pass directly from past to future is like trying to cross a raging river on a bridge made of paper. As always, you have choice, your past is gone, it is dead, your present is alive and your future calls you on the wind flowing steadily towards you. So, we ask, beloved children that you turn your face to the wind and allow it to blow your past behind you, heed it’s call. Create for yourself the strongest bridge you are able with foundations firmly set in the now, gently silence the “ if only” and travel on with peace and hope.



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