woman-571715.jpgWhen the Bible was written the world was a very different place and the common people had very little knowledge of the world at large. Their way of perceiving life would have been very different to your way in this time. Throughout the Bible metaphors are used that do not have much meaning to this age and it’s people. Creating an updated version, using modern language and terms of reference could enable an even wider audience, of course, that will not happen it would be seen as sacrilegious . We do not wish to denigrate those who believe and live by the Bible, we simply wonder at it’s enduring power and how faith has sustained itself given that the writings are thousands of years old and not particularly relevant to modern society. Could it be that it is not so much the writings that carry and convey faith but the feeling behind the writings? Words of faith, when felt rather than just read, come alive and they vibrate with energy – just as you do. This is how they endure despite their seeming irrelevance. On some level, no matter whether you are a follower of Christ and the Bible or not, the energy of faith resonates with you, it calls to you and you reach for it whether you are aware or not. The energy of faith is part of your genetic make-up, religious persuasion is of no consequence. Jesus once said “ I am the way and the truth and the life and none shall come to the Father except through me” to some non – religious people these words may seem arrogant, even elitist. Bear with us, we mean no offence but consider the challenge those words can seem to some. Is faith and belief to be exclusively directed through one man, one book of writings –  writings that can never reflect present life? If this is your way peace and blessings to you but what of those who cannot follow this way, does it mean they are faithless? No. Faith has no boundaries and at times not even a focus. Faith is free. The energy of faith is not bound in a book, it is not only present in a chosen few. The energy of faith is manifest, it lives in each and every one of you, it breathes when you breathe. It protects you as a father should, it honours you as a son should and it sustains your own holy spirit. There is no need to dismiss the religious teachings of ages past but if they do not resonate with you trust that the beauty of faith will. Tenderly embrace your own faith beloved children and it will tenderly embrace you.



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