Apathy is not a singular creation, it shares it’s birth with fear. These twin emotions can be very subtle, making them hard to distinguish from each other and just like some human twins they can be deceptive as to their true identity. Apathy won’t try and tell you it is it’s twin fear but fear will happily tell you it is apathy. Nonchalance, coolness, complacency are some of the false names apathy will try. These false names not only allow apathy to remain unrecognized but also allow fear to be mistaken for another more acceptable emotion. When,at times, people become physically or emotionally depleted their thoughts can become somewhat negative and they may feel they cannot contribute fully to life, this is not true apathy for there is no fear present, they are simply fatigued and in need of replenishment. Apathy born of depletion is a singular birth and has but a short life. When people are hale and hearty but still feel no passion, then there is a problem, then there is fear. It is a good idea to take note of how often you use particular phrases , “I don’t mind” or “I don’t care” are the mantras of apathy and the thought behind them such as, if I don’t choose I can’t loose is the influence of fear. Saying “It doesn’t matter” too often when, on any level, it really does can also lead to spending time with the twins. Every indifferent response needs to be examined with the feeling behind it clearly seen and named, for, just like Rumpelstiltskin from the fairytale of old, apathy and fear once truly named will loose their power over you and as in the story you too will retain your child, your trusting, joyful inner child. Look closely at your emotions beloved children, name every one by their true name and never enslave yourself to them.



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