Even in the depths of winter, when the world seems still and silent, birds sing. Their song may not be as obvious as it is in more clement weather but it is there nonetheless. It is sad how birdsong can become merely background noise. Human hearing is limited and there will always be, through this and other circumstances, times when it seems no birdsong can be heard but mostly it is not heard because it is not heeded. Some particular sounds are cherished, the caroling of a magpie as the world wakens is a beautiful thing.The kookaburra’s laughter always lends an exotic tinge to the air. The gentle clucking of domestic chickens is a soothing and comforting sound, a plethora of birdsong, all with their own charm. Not all of these songs/sounds are methods of communication, sometimes it seems, birds sing simply for the pleasure of it. Do they sing to remind themselves they are alive or do they sing to remind you that you are alive? Birds do not need to be reminded, they already know their song is proof of life and joy, proof that there is beauty even if it is un-seeable, beauty can be audible. Many native peoples attribute birds with great power and meaning. Ancient myths called them the messengers of the gods and many figures of legend have been associated with birds. All this and more place the birds in their rightful position of honour, for, not only does their presence add beauty to the world they manifest it through their songs. Even in the bleakest of times they sing, regardless of the doings of man. While birds are of the air and only partly of the Earth they have a strong sense of when Mother Earth will shift, often moments before a natural disaster occurs they become silent and take flight. One of the first assurances that danger has passed is the reemergence of birds and their songs. They always return to give their message of life and fill the air with beauty. So, beloved children, if you fear you face disaster or you can see no beauty, listen for it instead, listen to the birds and their songs of life. Listen for and rejoice in birdsong for they truly are messengers of God and they sing for you.



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