violin-2772433_1920(1).jpgWhat is it that you do when you are lonely, when you feel lost to the world at large? Most would simply seek company, believing the physical presence of another would alleviate their yearning, this should work – shouldn’t it? Strangely, lonely doesn’t always mean you are physically alone. It is often said that one can feel lonely in a crowded room, so it seems that even the presence of many people is not a solution, could it be that the missing energy is not the energy of physical presence but the energy of connection? Some people, even within their own home surrounded by their own family, still feel alone and lonely. When two people marry and perhaps begin to create their own family, their thoughts can include the idea that if they do this they will never be lonely, they will always have some-one. Unfortunately, even if, the family stay physically close and no-one is taken by death, loneliness can still occur. It seems no amount of true and full love can assuage loneliness once it has settled into the psyche, for that is where it truly lives. It does not dwell in your heart, it does not float through your soul, it drones away, like white noise, in the back of your mind, disallowing any clear and solid connection to the energies at your disposal. Until this fake interference is settled no amount of company will satisfy the lonely, for, loneliness is a lie and lies do not resonate with any part of your mind, body or soul. They jumble your energy and scramble the music of life. If you concentrate now, search for that troublesome noise, silence it with trust and acceptance that we are all one at the core, perhaps it will clear and new connections can be made or even old ones re-established. Listen for and heed the noises in your mind, take care that the noise be true and clear so that it can easily harmonize with the real music playing. Take your place in the orchestra, beloved children and create with us and all a symphony of joy, for you are not truly alone or lonely, it’s just the noise of the lie in your head interfering with the broadcast from the universe and all that is.



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