flame-church-wax-light-161073.jpegThere are three things a person must reach for and know if they wish to live a life of joy, none of which is attainable in the physical form. Very few objects can, even, attempt to replicate the joy of spiritual possessions. What thing could match the joy felt by a full and loving heart? What thing could equal the peace born of faith or the wholeness felt from the connection to all and everything? ‘Tis true that, much sought after, objects can bring feelings akin to joy, they may bring feelings of happiness and satisfaction, they may give a sense of self-worth. All this seems good and surely worthwhile and so it is, for a time but these feelings are not permanent, they are transient, just as your life is transient. Almost everything you are, your body and all you own, will one day cease to be and you will not care. Moments of happiness, sadness and a myriad of other emotions are fleeting and will, in time, disperse, they are as transient as your body, but truth is not fleeting nor transient and it does not bide in your body. Truth bides in your soul, it is at the core of your being, the core that is, was and always will be. Everything other than this core and its’ truth is an illusion and just as a magician will use drifting smoke to cover the truth of his magic, drifting emotions will cover the truth of your magic. We do not suggest that emotions are needless nor that you should cease to yearn or desire, we simply ask, that you look past the smokescreen they create to see what lies hidden there, for, we guarantee, beloved children you will find the truth of I am love, I am peace and I am wholeness, your three magic possessions. Reach for them, know them and be joy.



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