It seems the definitive line between what is “real” and what is not can be, somewhat, blurred even for the steadiest and sanest of people, for those with any form of psychological problem or disorder, there can seem to be no lines at all. All is a confusing storm of misconceptions, whose winds buffet them around as if they have no strong hold with which to anchor themselves. Often, mentally haler people will misconstrue the antics of the less than mentally hale as a sign of lesser intelligence, this can be true for a few cases but every grouping of people, sane or not so, would have a wide variety of intelligence levels, so lack of psychological health cannot, necessarily always,indicate low intelligence, it is a false generalization. Many figures from your history were considered to be mad and you know, often, those same figures produced great works of art. Some showed true brilliance in more practical areas , such as science, with their work benefitting all mankind. If you should care to ponder on this yourself you would find the examples of this conundrum endless. So why is it that madness and intelligence can reside within the same entity and how can either state be measured or judged? Why is it that proof of extreme intelligence doesn’t automatically negate the label of madness or visa versa? Mmm, well, those lines that can seem so blurred do not exist. What does exist between these two states is a spinning vortex of cosmic potentiality, one that cannot always be seen by those with their eyes and minds firmly fixed on what’s “real”. This vortex throws out immense creative energy, energy that can be grasped by those open to it and often those open are the so called unstable. Stubborn, unyielding sanity has distinct edges and is often coloured either black or white but so called madness is flowing and colourful, making it compatible with the vortex. So while it may seem the troubled have no grip on reality it may be wise to consider that they may have a strong connection to the vortex. So, beloved children take great care WITH the dangerously damaged but take great care OF the gently unstable, for, they just may be seeing more of reality than could ever be perceived with a sane and rigid mind.



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