Hollow is the heart that has no love of self – hollow and empty, for, no amount of love offered to it by another, could ever, rest there alone. Love needs company and a warm welcome, a welcome that can only be supplied by its’ identical energy. To believe the hearts of the emotionally wounded can be sealed off, is a misconception, no heart, can truly, seal, hearts are forever open, nor can hearts be full of hate or fear, for, these emotions live in the mind and its’ imagination, so, it is not they that deny love entry, they do not block the way. The way is always clear but love can still not enter until love is present. Hearts cannot fill from outside of themselves until they begin to fill from inside themselves and in doing this they can begin to expand their capacity to hold love, allowing room for more and more. It is akin to filling a balloon with air. Balloons, before they are filled, look unimpressive, sad things but once they begin to expand with the energy/air that they need, they become very impressive things indeed, they change dramatically. It is as if they become something else entirely. They can now, even, be lifted by more of the same energy/air – they can fly – but in order for all this to happen the balloons first needed to be filled by that which could also lift it, it is just so with hearts. So, beloved children, if you wish to receive the energy of love, begin your quest by first placing self love at the bottom of your heart and thus allow entry to the love waiting outside, for then, just like the balloon, you too, will change dramatically and you too will be lifted.



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