Tension , when allowed to build unchecked within the body and mind, begins to create an invisible shield, a shield that does not protect but rather blocks one’s own energy from flowing out, creating a frenetic but contained field of negativity. The very air, between body and shield, hums and vibrates as if a swarm of angry bees were trapped there. Social training has aided in the automatic and unconscious creation of this shield. Most humans, from an early age, are taught to not burden others with their worries, to keep it to themselves, believing this to be a road to maturity and strength. ‘Tis true tension is best dealt with from within one’s own mind first but when the shield has been present for over long, the afflicted begin to believe the unwelcoming air before them, is flowing to them from an outside source and with their own energies constantly bouncing back towards them they are unable to truly discern the energies of others, they block and they are blocked, leaving them disconnected. Strangely, the way to clear the air and thus dissolve the shield is, not simply, to release tension but to connect. Mmm, but how can one connect when the shield is before them? Well, you reach out, not with your hand or mind but with your compassion, for, all shields are visible, if, viewed by the eyes of compassion and can easily be broken down by the hand of friendship preforming a gesture of kindness. Look around you with eyes full of compassion, beloved children, see that you all carry these shields, know they can be dissolved with love and kinship, give what you are able and in so doing release yourself and others from the droning of the bees.



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