corridor-2126910_1920The essence of truth lies in many an old fable. Throughout time mankind has unwittingly placed absolute truth at the heart of make believe and stories, not all story tellers are aware that this is so. Many believe it is simply their imagination being unleashed, that the only source of inspiration is within their own mind. ‘Tis, obviously, true their own minds have a role to play but often the true source is unknowingly beyond the human realm, suspicion of this can arise at times, that searched for perfect phrase may suddenly appear when one has ceased to search and allowed themselves to be distracted by other endeavors. One could assume this is just how the human brain works – perhaps freeing it from focused, concentrated thought allows it enough rest to finally grasp that which it could not when tired from trying. Mmm, or perhaps there could be another influence, one that feels so natural and familiar it could easily be mistaken for an aspect of self. The human brain/mind has many non-physical chambers, some are in constant use and therefore rarely closed up but some have special purpose and are often not only closed but forgotten. It is one of these chambers that is unlocked through the refocusing of thought thus releasing the muse residing within. It is not only true for writers but true in all aspects of creative pursuit. You are all guided and helped through all actions. This does not mean your creations are anything but your own, with out you they would not come to be and full ownership is recognized. Everyone has a muse, whatever your creative field should be. Your muse will guide and support, if, first given the space and opportunity to do so. No artist is left bereft or abandoned, for, an artist of any kind, carries through their work the secrets and truths of the cosmos. A writer writes the words the cosmos cannot be heard saying. A painter paints the images the cosmos cannot achieve. All manifest ideas and thoughts into the world that the cosmos cannot birth alone. Artists are not just creative they assist creation and are assisted in turn – always. So, beloved creators, should inspiration be hard to find, should that phrase you seek seem beyond your reach, pause, clear your minds of unrelenting thought, trust that help can be found patiently waiting within a forgotten chamber, with acceptance that you do not create alone, allow the door to open, step gently aside to make way for the muse and in so doing create with creation itself.



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