hot-air-balloon-2411851_12802068891563.jpgSometimes, when your world seems slightly out of sync and all your plans scatter into pieces, it is easy to believe that it is all your fault and only yours. You know you are an intelligent person, well organized and insightful, you know you  tried your very best, so when all seems failure it must surely be your own fault. Blame for others is an option but most are so convinced that their own will overrides that of others that once again the conclusion is drawn that fault lies only with themselves. ‘Tis true you are solely responsible for your own chosen actions, ‘tis also true your actions will react with the chosen actions of others [ actions your will truly has no sway over ] and thus may produce an undesired result – a failure. Here it needs to be remembered that perceived lack of success does not equal failure. Many a person’s dream has taken many an attempt to fulfil and for some their longed for goal remained unreached upon their exit from life, this is also not defined as failure, for, failure can only be claimed at an ending and how can an ending be claimed, if, you and all that IS, is eternal? Too many times those striving to achieve believe that further unsuccessful attempts would only compound their shame of past failure, so they cease action, we say, there is no need of shame. If the energy of shame is carried through to present actions, life ceases to flow. Flow/synchronicity cannot readily be maintained if weighed down by the heavy energy of shame created by the lie of failure. In part, success is also a lie or at least not truth and it is just as hard to define as an ending or failure. All these named but undefinable, ungraspable, supposed states of being. These” states of being” are not permanent nor truly real, they are no more than their names, names bestowed upon them by the ego and it’s fear. No-one’s life can forever remain under any one of these names, for, they are merely words, they are not real – you, however, are. You are here in this moment and that is achievement enough, you cannot fail life, you have already won. So, beloved children, should you feel any shame for past imagined missteps, see the named lie for what it is and in so doing release the weight of shame to lift yourself back into flow and sync.



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