hands-and-light-cross-by-geraltSome treat life as a science, they carefully configure formulae to achieve a particular outcome, holding fast to the laws of cause and effect – if I do this, and precisely, this will be the outcome. Mmm… simple, logical – maybe. While these laws and calculations steadfastly adhere to un-souled matter they cannot be relied upon when applied to in-souled beings and their lives nor will they work for the  fully enlightened. You know emotions, yours or those of others, can play havoc with the best of plans and some may even calculate this occurrence into their equations  – mild awareness bringing emotional wisdom into play and thus softening the exactness of the science but still most will forge ahead regardless, confident they are right and their reasoning solid. It is human nature to plan, hopes and dreams draw one forward through life, none truly and only just let life happen and this is wise. Your life needs your input and attention but applying too much cold science to its’ unfoldment can leave one equally as cold. Coldness is not a natural state for a spiritually aware being, chilly, restrictive logic may be tried for a time but mostly that mindset cannot be tolerated for long. They may in forgetful moments begin to calculate and scheme but eventually their awareness, their light will automatically soften the exactness of their plans, their natural warmth melting the ice of cold, hard facts. Mmm.. so, beloved beings of light and awareness, if, unrelenting logic truly be of no use to you who are awake, how will you plan and dream? What will your formula be? Well, we suggest that perhaps the only formula that will work for you would be – If I cause love and light, love and light will be the effect – still logical, still a type of science but following the law of the soul not the mind and therefore the true way of the lightworker. We ask that you remember who and what you are, allow this law to rule, allow it to soften the edges of your minds cold logic, for, all who are awake and aware need their soul’s direction and its’ wisdom. Look first to the soul’s formula beloved children and plan your actions from the warmth of true creation.




oasis-by-alexbishopDeep in the heart’s of all deserts lie well springs, long forgotten, abundant, life sustaining water covered over by vast quantities of sand, seemingly unreachable. Many a traveler, through many an age, would have passed over these hidden treasures with no knowledge of their existence. What good the knowledge of their presence if their succour be unobtainable? Legend and fable hold many a story of previously unknown oases being stumbled upon by the lost and desperate, some believed their sudden appearance to be divine gifts of the Gods or otherworldly magic. Perhaps believing their desperate need caused something, somewhere to pity them enough to manifest a miracle. Now you know, beloved children, that while miracles seem to manifest something wonderous and extra-ordinary from nothing at all, you also know, that truly some intrinsic essence of what has formed must surely have already been present in order to enable it’s full manifestation into your awareness and while deserts can seem barren and lifeless wastelands, at their hearts is creation, they still have the basic necessities to sustain and promote life, even if, those necessities at times appear untappable. Your life, too, can seem to be this desert, you too, can be lost within it, searching for succour to no obvious avail. Are you perhaps awaiting a miracle? Do you cry out in need, hoping for divine intervention? Well, there is no need, for, just as travelers past, you walk a path covering hidden treasures, treasures that you however can tap into, they merely await your recollection of them to spring forth to reality. All that you thirst for, all that you need to thrive is already present, somewhere in some form and it will expand and flourish, if, you have need of it but you must remember and maintain faith in the presence of the untapped sources, for none are left to wander the desert bereft of succour. What is truly needed will rise to the surface at exactly the right time – just like a miracle, something wonderous from something merely forgotten or thought unreachable. Remember and know, beloved children, for, your oases await their births.




corridor-2126910_1920The essence of truth lies in many an old fable. Throughout time mankind has unwittingly placed absolute truth at the heart of make believe and stories, not all story tellers are aware that this is so. Many believe it is simply their imagination being unleashed, that the only source of inspiration is within their own mind. ‘Tis, obviously, true their own minds have a role to play but often the true source is unknowingly beyond the human realm, suspicion of this can arise at times, that searched for perfect phrase may suddenly appear when one has ceased to search and allowed themselves to be distracted by other endeavors. One could assume this is just how the human brain works – perhaps freeing it from focused, concentrated thought allows it enough rest to finally grasp that which it could not when tired from trying. Mmm, or perhaps there could be another influence, one that feels so natural and familiar it could easily be mistaken for an aspect of self. The human brain/mind has many non-physical chambers, some are in constant use and therefore rarely closed up but some have special purpose and are often not only closed but forgotten. It is one of these chambers that is unlocked through the refocusing of thought thus releasing the muse residing within. It is not only true for writers but true in all aspects of creative pursuit. You are all guided and helped through all actions. This does not mean your creations are anything but your own, with out you they would not come to be and full ownership is recognized. Everyone has a muse, whatever your creative field should be. Your muse will guide and support, if, first given the space and opportunity to do so. No artist is left bereft or abandoned, for, an artist of any kind, carries through their work the secrets and truths of the cosmos. A writer writes the words the cosmos cannot be heard saying. A painter paints the images the cosmos cannot achieve. All manifest ideas and thoughts into the world that the cosmos cannot birth alone. Artists are not just creative they assist creation and are assisted in turn – always. So, beloved creators, should inspiration be hard to find, should that phrase you seek seem beyond your reach, pause, clear your minds of unrelenting thought, trust that help can be found patiently waiting within a forgotten chamber, with acceptance that you do not create alone, allow the door to open, step gently aside to make way for the muse and in so doing create with creation itself.





The wisdom of the ages is available to any who actively seek it, nothing is deliberately hidden from those who are ready to embrace the teachings of past or present masters. Enlightenment is not solely reserved for the elite few, whatever your perceived station in life, creed, background or nature, you are welcome to reach and learn. Academic achievement is not a prerequisite either. It is a sad fact that many groupings of like minded people/ seekers tend to eventually segment into hierarchal formations, jealousy and judgement win over unity and acceptance leaving some bereft of access to teachings. The structures of human psyche are varied to suit each individual and the lifetime they need to act out. Your world needs deeply compassionate and knowledgeable ditch diggers as much as it needs rich and cosseted gurus, each of these characters has the same capacity for cosmic wisdom, however, it would be of no use if everyone throughout all positions attained the same level of understanding at the same time nor would it be useful for only one group to hold all wisdom. Knowledge needs to grow like a tree and it’s roots need to spread far and wide to survive, if these roots were to grow in only one direction the tree would not flourish nor have any stability and it is just so with knowledge. It is you that can sustain it, you that it’s roots seek to hold it and in return that tree of knowledge will offer you protection in stormy times. Do not hesitate to claim your place in the shelter of the tree, for, The Tree of Knowledge exists for all.