How easy it is for us to lose sense of what we are, we need only to dip a portion of ourselves into your world for mere seconds before we can feel the harshness of your world, the sharp edges, hard surfaces are as anathema to us. Every visit raises our awe of you who dwell here, who have chosen to come. Those of you who have visited with us know and understand that our surroundings are fluid and gentle as if we glide through the calmest of waters. Many of you have swum beside us, if only, for seconds. Is this what helps you bide in the world you have chosen or does it trigger your yearning anew? This we do not know, for we have never existed as you do now, we have no wish to be anything other than we are. We mourn at times for those of you who are lost to us, those who have forgotten from what they came and shall return. We see and feel them but they are blind and numb to us, so we mourn for our loss as much as theirs but we have joy too, for, every tiny moment one of you remembers and releases enough of your world to dive into our ocean of grace and God to glide beside us. We rejoice in this on every occasion. Be still now, beloved children, be still and trust, release your world for just a second, release and come glide with us through our soft and gentle home. Glide with us and be peace for we are with you and you with us. Glide.

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double-sunsetTime, what a strange little word it is, it is often written connected to other words that denote a particular time –  day, night or event –  breakfast, tea, it is as if adding  “time” to the event it, somehow, anchors that moment down, defines the use of the moment, solely, to that event. Some think by not adding the extra definitive time would, somehow, be lost, just slip by through inattention and no-one wants to lose time, time is far too precious and the fear of not having enough can drive some into true panic. Time, to us, is merely a concept, we have no need to acknowledge it but we understand time is essential to Earth life but essential does not equal crucial. Modern man has the ability to define time down to the millisecond, now not even the tiniest amount of time can escape the notice of man. Ancient man, of course, had no such technology, their form of time keeping was more resourceful and innovative, using the natural world around them. The loss of what you would understand to be five or ten minutes would be as nothing to them, their schedules would have been much more flexible. Sunrise meant when one could see and sunset meant when one could not, no numbers to check, just nature to observe and their plans laid accordingly. Not many of you could imagine living that way now, every action you take in any normal day is regulated by the numbers on your watch and being able to see or not is no restriction, one simply flicks on a light. Nature cannot, in all situations, control your doings – what a pity. The Earths natural rhythmic cycle is much more suited to mankind and all things living than the cold, mechanical ticking of a clock. Could you imagine expecting a flower to bloom to coincide with a particular time on a clock just because that is when you have time to view it? No, that will happen in it’s own time, natures time. You all have responsibilities and needs that must be met and a well structured day is the best way to achieve this but, we ask, that when you are able, you pause to observe a sunrise or sunset, breathe in the glory of Mother Nature and witness the moving perfection of time unanchored by man. Behold the beauty of life’s true time keeper and fear not the loss of time, beloved children, know that all time is held safe within the rhythm of life and all that you wish to see bloom will do so when it’s time is right.




underwater-1599426_1920.jpgImagine, if, all the seas were to run dry, revealing all that has lain beneath since the beginning of time. New landscapes would appear with new valleys, new mountain ranges, everything lost to its’ depths, over millennia would now be discoverable. What an intriguing treasure hunt it would become. Time and the natural corrosive quality of seawater, would have, changed some of the detritus beyond recognition or use, still, it would birth wonder in the seeker and spur them on to continue. You, too, have hidden treasures thought lost for good, laying dormant and unseen, covered by a, seemingly, impenetrable layer. For you, of course, this layer is not water but energy, karmic energy, that has gathered and deepened with each successive incarnation. Its’ purpose was protection and it had worth, until now. Unlike those of the true sea, your treasures, are kept safe and preserved, they await their own rediscovery, for, while the Earths’ seas will never cease to be, the energy that covers the true landscape of your soul, will, in this lifetime, begin to disperse. This is not loss, it is gain. As the layers of self imposed protection ebb away, old possessions will be found, one by one, slowly enough to allow time to evaluate their worth. It may be found that some never really needed to be hidden, they were, perhaps, concealed through misguided fear, while others needed to await the correct time to be uncovered. All of this, if allowed, will lead to the enlightenment you seek, for, enlightenment is not something given, it is something revealed and just as the dwindling of the seas would bring light to a new land and its’ treasures, the dwindling of your karmic energy will bring new light to you and your treasures. Fear not this unveiling, beloved children, but rather delight in the excitement of the hunt and take joy in the discovery of what lies beneath.




painting-2790477_1920.jpgEach and every one of you is a work of art. Some see themselves as a Picasso, with all their pieces in an unacceptable jumble. Some see themselves a bit Rubenesque, slightly larger than commonly condoned. Whichever style you perceive yourself to be, you are still, art. You are creative mastery. Most of you view yourself by means of a mirror, the reflected image is the image you believe to be what other people see of you. What else could they see, an image is truth – isn’t it? Mmm, well, yes and no, that image you perceive in the mirror has filters applied to it by your psyche. The image others see of you has filters applied by their own psyche, so, how do either of you know what you truly look like? If these filters could, somehow, be removed a clearer, truer image may be achieved but how can that be done until these filters can be acknowledged and understood? Have you ever wondered what those born sightless believe of themselves, what image they have of themselves? With what or with whom could they compare themselves to form a mental image? Their sense of touch could convey information about their bodies and faces and, if allowed to explore, information about the bodies and faces of others, thus creating some point of reference for comparison but, strangely, even without sight, filters would be applied. There would, still, be an attitude of “ well, there is you and you are that and there is me and I am this” always the differences come to the fore and are claimed to set each individual apart, leading to judgment, mostly negative judgement in either direction. These judgements/filters are applied in the miniscule gap between sight and mind or touch and mind, a nanosecond of time but enough for lies to be born. So, how is the truth to be found? Well, as always, through the heart. Do not rely on sight or touch to show you what you or others are, see and feel through your heart and theirs, for, no filters apply there. The heart perceives the truth of your art, for, that is what each of you are, a unique and beautiful masterpiece.




contact-2805253_1920583771635.pngLong ago. when the main form of communication was the written word, when the writing of letters the only way to send news afar, writers would employ much thought for every word, with each phrase carefully chosen. By no means, would the author risk the chance of being misunderstood, for, too much energy and time would be wasted. The sending and delivering of letters was an arduous task for all involved. Today, of course, the written word can be sent and received in an instant, no – one needs to be left wanting for news. You, now, have the means to be aware of the doings of family and friends wherever they should be in the world, this can be a blessing and surely better than times of old when the departure of travelers could mean no news of their welfare for months, if at all. Great hope had to be held by those left behind that all would be well. Very few of you now could imagine that situation, now, you can comfort yourself with the knowledge that you can still speak with and even see anyone, no matter the physical distance between you and they, what magic. All this is truly a beneficial and useful branch of growth for humanity but where does this leave the humble letter and its’ thoughtful writer? The written word also holds a type of magic, the physical act of putting pen to paper, forming words first birthed in the brain and heart, releases an energy within the author – one of connective intuition –  knowing what words need to be written and read by the feel of them. None of this can be achieved by the typed or spoken word, for, neither have the same fluid connection to the brain or heart. Heed, we speak of written personal communication, not works of fiction or writings of practical use, they hold an entirely different energy. Ponder, if you can, a situation, in which, you have the means to send news afar but the only writing materials available to you are, a piece of bark, a stick and some charcoal, how very economical would you become with the amount of words used? Mmm, and can you see from where those words would come? The brain would demand that practical words were priority, while the heart would urge for words of comfort, any other influence would belong to the ego but the energy of the ego does not blend well with the energy of connective intuition, Its’ words, therefore, would not be included in this contracted missive. This scenario is of great benefit to remember when next you wish to communicate via technology, for, even though, you have the means to say much, to anyone in an instant – should you? Would it be the words in your brain and heart seeking release or would it be the words from your ego seeking attention? Be thoughtful with the typed or spoken word, beloved children, if in doubt write them by hand first, allow them to emerge from the right source, form them, feel them and be truly connected.




glitter-2546960_1920.jpgThe road to spiritual freedom is dotted with minute pieces of glitter, glitter that from a distance, can seem, so enticing and intriguing. What could it be, is it some treasure, some rarity placed in your path by providence, waiting to be found by you? The hope and anticipation that carries one forward to solve this mystery can raise the energy of the seeker to new heights. The thrill of something new and shiny is manna to the soul but distance and circumstance can play tricks with perception, both optically and psychologically. Often, once the seeker has traversed the distance necessary to ascertain the truth of the glitter, that much anticipated curiosity, is found, it seems, to be nothing of any true value, just a trick of the light caused by its’ position and yours. ‘Tis true, that, the cosmos will place enticements along your path to spur you on to new thoughts and ways, to urge you into new circumstances you would not normally seek and ‘tis, also, true not all circumstances will be what you imagined them to be. That glittering, could be diamond, may just turn out to be stone. This discovery can, understandably, bring a sense of disappointment and lead some to feel they have wasted their time and allowed their yearning to fool them to truth. A very human response but unnecessary. Think, for a moment, what your path would be like, if, there were nothing to capture your imagination, nothing to liven your mind. These “tricks” of the light are not sent to tease or annoy, they are sent to enable you to find your own truth, to encourage you to step up and look closely at all that is before you and choose whether it has value or not, and value itself is a choice, for, value does not, only, equal material riches, value can be found in wisdom gained. So, we ask that, if the diamonds you hope for are found to be stone, remember that the stone was still able to reflect light, still able to reflect back to you that which you seek and therein lies its’ value. Step lightly along your path, beloved children, allow what glitters to catch your eye and pique your interest, for, there is time enough for diversions on the road to freedom.




flame-church-wax-light-161073.jpegThere are three things a person must reach for and know if they wish to live a life of joy, none of which is attainable in the physical form. Very few objects can, even, attempt to replicate the joy of spiritual possessions. What thing could match the joy felt by a full and loving heart? What thing could equal the peace born of faith or the wholeness felt from the connection to all and everything? ‘Tis true that, much sought after, objects can bring feelings akin to joy, they may bring feelings of happiness and satisfaction, they may give a sense of self-worth. All this seems good and surely worthwhile and so it is, for a time but these feelings are not permanent, they are transient, just as your life is transient. Almost everything you are, your body and all you own, will one day cease to be and you will not care. Moments of happiness, sadness and a myriad of other emotions are fleeting and will, in time, disperse, they are as transient as your body, but truth is not fleeting nor transient and it does not bide in your body. Truth bides in your soul, it is at the core of your being, the core that is, was and always will be. Everything other than this core and its’ truth is an illusion and just as a magician will use drifting smoke to cover the truth of his magic, drifting emotions will cover the truth of your magic. We do not suggest that emotions are needless nor that you should cease to yearn or desire, we simply ask, that you look past the smokescreen they create to see what lies hidden there, for, we guarantee, beloved children you will find the truth of I am love, I am peace and I am wholeness, your three magic possessions. Reach for them, know them and be joy.




violin-2772433_1920(1).jpgWhat is it that you do when you are lonely, when you feel lost to the world at large? Most would simply seek company, believing the physical presence of another would alleviate their yearning, this should work – shouldn’t it? Strangely, lonely doesn’t always mean you are physically alone. It is often said that one can feel lonely in a crowded room, so it seems that even the presence of many people is not a solution, could it be that the missing energy is not the energy of physical presence but the energy of connection? Some people, even within their own home surrounded by their own family, still feel alone and lonely. When two people marry and perhaps begin to create their own family, their thoughts can include the idea that if they do this they will never be lonely, they will always have some-one. Unfortunately, even if, the family stay physically close and no-one is taken by death, loneliness can still occur. It seems no amount of true and full love can assuage loneliness once it has settled into the psyche, for that is where it truly lives. It does not dwell in your heart, it does not float through your soul, it drones away, like white noise, in the back of your mind, disallowing any clear and solid connection to the energies at your disposal. Until this fake interference is settled no amount of company will satisfy the lonely, for, loneliness is a lie and lies do not resonate with any part of your mind, body or soul. They jumble your energy and scramble the music of life. If you concentrate now, search for that troublesome noise, silence it with trust and acceptance that we are all one at the core, perhaps it will clear and new connections can be made or even old ones re-established. Listen for and heed the noises in your mind, take care that the noise be true and clear so that it can easily harmonize with the real music playing. Take your place in the orchestra, beloved children and create with us and all a symphony of joy, for you are not truly alone or lonely, it’s just the noise of the lie in your head interfering with the broadcast from the universe and all that is.





Even in the depths of winter, when the world seems still and silent, birds sing. Their song may not be as obvious as it is in more clement weather but it is there nonetheless. It is sad how birdsong can become merely background noise. Human hearing is limited and there will always be, through this and other circumstances, times when it seems no birdsong can be heard but mostly it is not heard because it is not heeded. Some particular sounds are cherished, the caroling of a magpie as the world wakens is a beautiful thing.The kookaburra’s laughter always lends an exotic tinge to the air. The gentle clucking of domestic chickens is a soothing and comforting sound, a plethora of birdsong, all with their own charm. Not all of these songs/sounds are methods of communication, sometimes it seems, birds sing simply for the pleasure of it. Do they sing to remind themselves they are alive or do they sing to remind you that you are alive? Birds do not need to be reminded, they already know their song is proof of life and joy, proof that there is beauty even if it is un-seeable, beauty can be audible. Many native peoples attribute birds with great power and meaning. Ancient myths called them the messengers of the gods and many figures of legend have been associated with birds. All this and more place the birds in their rightful position of honour, for, not only does their presence add beauty to the world they manifest it through their songs. Even in the bleakest of times they sing, regardless of the doings of man. While birds are of the air and only partly of the Earth they have a strong sense of when Mother Earth will shift, often moments before a natural disaster occurs they become silent and take flight. One of the first assurances that danger has passed is the reemergence of birds and their songs. They always return to give their message of life and fill the air with beauty. So, beloved children, if you fear you face disaster or you can see no beauty, listen for it instead, listen to the birds and their songs of life. Listen for and rejoice in birdsong for they truly are messengers of God and they sing for you.




woman-571715.jpgWhen the Bible was written the world was a very different place and the common people had very little knowledge of the world at large. Their way of perceiving life would have been very different to your way in this time. Throughout the Bible metaphors are used that do not have much meaning to this age and it’s people. Creating an updated version, using modern language and terms of reference could enable an even wider audience, of course, that will not happen it would be seen as sacrilegious . We do not wish to denigrate those who believe and live by the Bible, we simply wonder at it’s enduring power and how faith has sustained itself given that the writings are thousands of years old and not particularly relevant to modern society. Could it be that it is not so much the writings that carry and convey faith but the feeling behind the writings? Words of faith, when felt rather than just read, come alive and they vibrate with energy – just as you do. This is how they endure despite their seeming irrelevance. On some level, no matter whether you are a follower of Christ and the Bible or not, the energy of faith resonates with you, it calls to you and you reach for it whether you are aware or not. The energy of faith is part of your genetic make-up, religious persuasion is of no consequence. Jesus once said “ I am the way and the truth and the life and none shall come to the Father except through me” to some non – religious people these words may seem arrogant, even elitist. Bear with us, we mean no offence but consider the challenge those words can seem to some. Is faith and belief to be exclusively directed through one man, one book of writings –  writings that can never reflect present life? If this is your way peace and blessings to you but what of those who cannot follow this way, does it mean they are faithless? No. Faith has no boundaries and at times not even a focus. Faith is free. The energy of faith is not bound in a book, it is not only present in a chosen few. The energy of faith is manifest, it lives in each and every one of you, it breathes when you breathe. It protects you as a father should, it honours you as a son should and it sustains your own holy spirit. There is no need to dismiss the religious teachings of ages past but if they do not resonate with you trust that the beauty of faith will. Tenderly embrace your own faith beloved children and it will tenderly embrace you.