hands-and-light-cross-by-geraltSome treat life as a science, they carefully configure formulae to achieve a particular outcome, holding fast to the laws of cause and effect – if I do this, and precisely, this will be the outcome. Mmm… simple, logical – maybe. While these laws and calculations steadfastly adhere to un-souled matter they cannot be relied upon when applied to in-souled beings and their lives nor will they work for the  fully enlightened. You know emotions, yours or those of others, can play havoc with the best of plans and some may even calculate this occurrence into their equations  – mild awareness bringing emotional wisdom into play and thus softening the exactness of the science but still most will forge ahead regardless, confident they are right and their reasoning solid. It is human nature to plan, hopes and dreams draw one forward through life, none truly and only just let life happen and this is wise. Your life needs your input and attention but applying too much cold science to its’ unfoldment can leave one equally as cold. Coldness is not a natural state for a spiritually aware being, chilly, restrictive logic may be tried for a time but mostly that mindset cannot be tolerated for long. They may in forgetful moments begin to calculate and scheme but eventually their awareness, their light will automatically soften the exactness of their plans, their natural warmth melting the ice of cold, hard facts. Mmm.. so, beloved beings of light and awareness, if, unrelenting logic truly be of no use to you who are awake, how will you plan and dream? What will your formula be? Well, we suggest that perhaps the only formula that will work for you would be – If I cause love and light, love and light will be the effect – still logical, still a type of science but following the law of the soul not the mind and therefore the true way of the lightworker. We ask that you remember who and what you are, allow this law to rule, allow it to soften the edges of your minds cold logic, for, all who are awake and aware need their soul’s direction and its’ wisdom. Look first to the soul’s formula beloved children and plan your actions from the warmth of true creation.




earth-with-man-tumbling-by-geraltSo here you all are tumbling through space and time, clinging to the precious rock you call Earth, searching, seeking, always reaching for answers. Where, what should I be, how should I be? The end to the quest for truth and enlightenment can seem simultaneously close at hand and impossibly out of reach. If only one could stop tumbling for a moment, pause long enough to find that final elusive piece of the puzzle, the piece that would allow all the others to finally, completely cohere into a solid, recognizable picture. Ahh, the answer – you see, you know, you understand. Mmm, but what is it you would understand, what is it you believe you would gain if every imagined question was answered? Would it mean you could cease to tumble through life, that somehow you could stop all things natural and innate to life on Earth? That you would cease to be subject to the inherent laws of existence? Is this the core thought behind the urge to seek? If this thought be the core, what truly is the question? Do you not wish to live here, do you not wish to participate in the game of life? For game it is, one that no-one truly loses nor truly wins. To know all and everything before the conclusion would serve little purpose and would remove one’s passion for life. Knowledge is never denied to those who seek it, though it may be delayed enough to match the growth of the seeker, questions and questing are not discouraged but the core thoughts behind them need to be questioned themselves. We do not suggest you cease to quest, for all of us do, we merely advise you apply caution to your reasons and reason to your imagined outcome, for, many a wise sage has reached epiphany in one moment to realize the need for bodily relief in the next – that’s human – and human you are meant to be for now. Seek your answers, beloved children, but look carefully at your reasons for doing so, for none should miss the joy of the game.



Relevant Quote – A Buddhist saying

Before enlightenment you chop wood and carry water.

After enlightenment you chop wood and carry water.


angel-wings-blue-by-sciencefreakWe are here and we wish to speak of illness. Immediately you cringe and slightly withdraw, a natural reaction, for many do not see the benefit of illness, an uncomfortable experience on many levels. We wish you to know that while illness is never a punishment it is a useful tool of teaching and growth. If everyone were to be perfectly healthy and fit their entire lives not much time would be taken for introspection, not much thought would be given to being well. Chronic and terminal illness is the hardest for humans to face, more so it if it involves children. KNOW this, you are never truly at risk, how can this be if you are an eternal spirit, one merely acting a role? Being human is akin to immersing your face into a pond to see what lies there, you are not really, fully in the water just as you are not fully in life. Our channel herself has benefitted greatly from minor and not so minor experiences of ill health, much wisdom was gained from these times. You too, have had such times, you too, can now reflect from this distance and discern the teachings given to you by this method. Many of you try so hard at life, never stopping, really stopping to assess, illness will facilitate this. The heavens weep when you weep, the heavens mourn when you mourn, never are you forsaken or alone. We encompass all that you endure, we learn and grow also. We honour and bless you for allowing us communion with you, our brave, brave warriors of life.  Know we love, we protect and be peace.


Channelled 30/08/2017


Relevant excerpts from previous channellings

#1  The thing about illness is that it stops you, stops you in your tracks, constant movement does not bring peace, it just brings movement.

#2 Life rolls on with perfect timing and intent. Nothing is gained by keeping the same levels of energies and state of being your entire life, change as you know, comes for you to grow and growth is the entire reason for life.

Channelled 11/04/2014


P.S from me

As you can tell from the date of the top channelling, I hesitated a long time before deciding to publish this bit of writing. I had concerns that anyone very ill at the time of reading may find it hard to swallow but as it is more a message than a teaching , I believe that, there are some who have need of it. To anyone who finds it in any way upsetting my apologies.

Love and light, Claire.


tree-in-clouds-by-cocoparisienneThis is the time for all beings to stretch their minds beyond what they think they already know. Past learning is not wrong nor useless but it is merely a stepping stone in the river of knowledge now available to those who seek it. The veils of protection once guarding the mysteries thought too vast to comprehend are beginning to disintegrate, a disintegration brought on by the collective will of humankind. Many have learnt, mostly through hardship, to raise their conscious above their mortal and mundane existence, truly like the lotus bud formed in mud and murk but raising itself from the darkness of it’s origin to bloom in the light. Seeds of thought were planted into the minds of those able to carry them long ago, they have been nurtured and held safe for many years but now is the time for their sprouting.  The missing links needed for long held but incomplete theories will seem to suddenly manifest, most involved will believe that, through persistence, their own minds have finally released the information  – this is only true in part. Though much knowledge is available to any who should seek it all major knowledge is a contained but shared keeping – this is protection. No growth can be instantaneous, no-one is born to the world in one instance to become fully grown in the next, time must be given to evolve and so it is with knowledge, it must slowly evolve but as with human growth, spurts are expected and this time is one such growth spurt for knowledge. Fear may be an issue for some but the changes wrought from this new/old knowledge are beneficial only. Humanity, as a whole, has learned from past misuse of immense knowledge, still there will be mistrust from some quarters and rightly so. All who hold great knowledge often believe themselves to also hold great power but power must be given by approval of the majority, not assumed by the few. This lesson has been learned by humanity in general, even if, parts of the world seem ignorant of it. The releasing of knowledge is not only for the highly learned nor only for the collective consciousness, every individual will be bestowed with new/old knowledge to benefit their own endeavors, for, you are all learned and worthy. You grow, beloved children, you grow more strongly and quickly than you believe, it is because of this growth and it’s accompanying maturity that the teachers of the universe believe you ready for greater enterprise. They will gently stir the murky waters of your mundane life to promote the opening of the seeds planted in your minds and with joy they will provide the light in which you will bloom. We ask that you allow this, reach for this and rise.



This message has thematic links to a previous message THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE.


love-580248_1280The light of grace shines on everyone’s life, not always discernable to all but it shines nonetheless. Often glimpses are only noticed in extreme times, times when the pendulum of fate has swung dramatically in either direction. It is understandable that this occurs only then. Heightened emotions, negative or positive, can cause some to seek an answer as to why these events have occurred. So much of life is lived at a steady, mundane level of existence that exceptional circumstances push some to seek the catalyst or reason for their change of situation, even those with no underlying belief or religion, eventually, look for something outside themselves to explain extreme fortune. It can be surprisingly hard for those stoutly opposed to formal religion, or any form of structured belief system, to begin to find answers, for, they do not believe anything other than themselves exists. What then do they thank or blame? Do they merely shrug and accept that this is how life is – up, down and up again or that only they have the power to control anything and with no belief in a guiding, protecting energy on whom or what do they call for reassurance? When this impasse has been reached often enough, with no sure conclusions drawn, many begin to turn their thoughts, if only mildly, they begin to soften their stance of rigid disbelief, most, although now less disapproving, would still not consider organized religion and some would even find the freer, new age doctrines a leap too far, in what then would they choose to believe? Well, our advice is to not try and believe. Belief, in itself, has very little value, for, belief while thought and held in the mind, is not always held in the heart and is therefore just a thought, whereas faith, even if directionless and unfocussed, resides eternally in the heart of every single human, for some this faith lies dormant there until the pendulum of fate swings wildly enough to reveal an ever present radiance, radiance that calls to the faith buried in the heart, for, it is also light and will easily blend with the light of grace and so, we ask, beloved children, that you lay aside belief, for, it is only thought, and in so doing, release the faith you FEEL to join with the light of grace and its’ eternal radiance.




oasis-2335767_1280This is a time of renewal for many, old ways and beliefs are beginning to fall away to be replaced by new thoughts and new un-experienced scenarios are available. The doors of opportunity gradually fall open to reveal new pathways and directions . Not all need to be followed but all are offered for consideration. Choice, as always, is your own and there are no obligations to be met. The story you are here to tell, the part you are to play, still, holds fast but there are a myriad of ways for stories to be told, a myriad of ways to play the one part and all scripts can be ad- libbed at will. It can seem, at times, that past choices were wrong, misguided, that is rarely true, many lessons are learnt from these seeming missteps, lessons that in the long term, often, produce a better result. Knowledge of this is impossible to impart at the time of decision making, for then, the decisions would not be yours, you would be reading from some-one else’s  script and thus not truly playing your part. Your path, and the part you play as you walk it, has great importance to those who walk their own beside you but you do not need to forever walk in the same direction as they, for, not all are meant to stay companions. Some must exit through a different door to yours, this can bring sadness and a little anxiety can be experienced from the changes wrought – here it needs to be remembered that those exiting have done so because they chose to see what was being offered behind their own opening door, just as you may, and in time they may choose another that will lead them back to your side. Do not fear the loss of the old or familiar, beloved children, step lightly through each door you choose, for, all of life’s pathways lead to light and wisdom and all shall reach this destination, no matter the route taken or the company kept, look for the light behind each opening door, look, choose and be peace.




world-1582347_1920As surely as the world turns and night follows day, you are loved, no-one is forsaken, no-one is an exception. This can be hard to discern when life has, seemingly, sent you trial after trial with hardly room in between to breathe but you do breathe, all throughout, no matter your circumstance, no matter what dilemma you face at any given moment. It is in the breath that your essence bides, that heaving, sobbing breath of heartache is still breath,that throaty guffaw of laughter is still breath. All of it is breath, all breath means life and for each and every one of you life means love. You know you came from love, you know you are love at the core but now KNOW that you receive love, always, in every form available, for, love is not only present in peaceful experiences, it can be present in the experiences of disruption and chaos. The teachings obtained from life on the Earth plane cannot forever be taught by the one method, each individual needs tailor made direction and each individual needs, at times, to be challenged. While some of these challenges can be immense, faith needs to be held that they are not punishments sent from above but rather circumstances created by your own divine intelligence to bring you back to the truth that love is all there truly is. We know, that for those of you in dire straits, these words can seem empty and cruel and your Earth bound character may react with anger and resentment but we also know that on a soul level some tiny bit of these words will resonate with you, for, no matter your circumstances of the now, your true self knows the truth of this. Breathe, beloved children, let your body breathe through all that is happening be it war or peace and allow your soul to remember that as surely as night follows day love is all there truly is.




clock-not-usedThe concept of time travel is misunderstood by many, Hollywood films and other forms of fiction, have blurred the edges of the riddle that scientists have sought to solve. Even when the basics of any given formula are interpreted correctly the human brain, even exceptionally gifted ones, tend to be taken over by imagination and remembered fantasies, often, from youth and influenced again by fiction. No matter how mankind will try time travel will never be a part of the human experience, at least, not factually or physically. There is no cosmic reason for any human of this immediate age to visit times past or times future, it would serve no purpose for the individual nor humanity in general. Scientists dream of the knowledge that would be gained by doing so and dreamy youth yearn for the adventure, neither would be satisfied by the truth and being bereft of their own time line would break them, both physically and mentally. We do not discourage the seeking of knowledge, we do not discourage yearning to discover the secrets of reality and we especially do not discourage dreaming. What we do encourage is your presence, full presence, in the now, for, it is in this age, this time line, this very minute, that you exist, this is the time and place you need to be. Your past you is no longer you, your future you is not yet you . Wherever your past you was, in the past, may still , in itself, exist but not as the where that it was when you were there. This is not only true for this lifetime. Imagine, if you will, how far removed you would be from your true self if you were to travel forward or backward through many lifetimes and ages, you could not be exactly where you once were, for, it would not be the same where with you of the now in it and you could not be the same you that you once were, for, you would be the you of the now …… confused? Are you, at this moment, becoming stressed and agitated just by reading and trying to grasp this concept? Can you now imagine actually, physically revisiting the past or future if your mind cannot even tame the confusion while you are still safe in the now? Can you see how this would break a mind? Yet, many of you, unknowingly already experience a taste of this confusion. It may not be the contemplation of travel through many ages, often, it is travel through the years of your life – shorter travel but still confusing enough to potentially break a mind. There is no need for travel through time, be it ages or years. The you of the now is the you that fits perfectly the now, for, only within its’ safety can you be whole and unbroken. Travel contentedly through the now, beloved children, stay here and stay whole.




How easy it is for us to lose sense of what we are, we need only to dip a portion of ourselves into your world for mere seconds before we can feel the harshness of your world, the sharp edges, hard surfaces are as anathema to us. Every visit raises our awe of you who dwell here, who have chosen to come. Those of you who have visited with us know and understand that our surroundings are fluid and gentle as if we glide through the calmest of waters. Many of you have swum beside us, if only, for seconds. Is this what helps you bide in the world you have chosen or does it trigger your yearning anew? This we do not know, for we have never existed as you do now, we have no wish to be anything other than we are. We mourn at times for those of you who are lost to us, those who have forgotten from what they came and shall return. We see and feel them but they are blind and numb to us, so we mourn for our loss as much as theirs but we have joy too, for, every tiny moment one of you remembers and releases enough of your world to dive into our ocean of grace and God to glide beside us. We rejoice in this on every occasion. Be still now, beloved children, be still and trust, release your world for just a second, release and come glide with us through our soft and gentle home. Glide with us and be peace for we are with you and you with us. Glide.

Channelled 02/06/2018feathers-2230062_1920


double-sunsetTime, what a strange little word it is, it is often written connected to other words that denote a particular time –  day, night or event –  breakfast, tea, it is as if adding  “time” to the event it, somehow, anchors that moment down, defines the use of the moment, solely, to that event. Some think by not adding the extra definitive time would, somehow, be lost, just slip by through inattention and no-one wants to lose time, time is far too precious and the fear of not having enough can drive some into true panic. Time, to us, is merely a concept, we have no need to acknowledge it but we understand time is essential to Earth life but essential does not equal crucial. Modern man has the ability to define time down to the millisecond, now not even the tiniest amount of time can escape the notice of man. Ancient man, of course, had no such technology, their form of time keeping was more resourceful and innovative, using the natural world around them. The loss of what you would understand to be five or ten minutes would be as nothing to them, their schedules would have been much more flexible. Sunrise meant when one could see and sunset meant when one could not, no numbers to check, just nature to observe and their plans laid accordingly. Not many of you could imagine living that way now, every action you take in any normal day is regulated by the numbers on your watch and being able to see or not is no restriction, one simply flicks on a light. Nature cannot, in all situations, control your doings – what a pity. The Earths natural rhythmic cycle is much more suited to mankind and all things living than the cold, mechanical ticking of a clock. Could you imagine expecting a flower to bloom to coincide with a particular time on a clock just because that is when you have time to view it? No, that will happen in it’s own time, natures time. You all have responsibilities and needs that must be met and a well structured day is the best way to achieve this but, we ask, that when you are able, you pause to observe a sunrise or sunset, breathe in the glory of Mother Nature and witness the moving perfection of time unanchored by man. Behold the beauty of life’s true time keeper and fear not the loss of time, beloved children, know that all time is held safe within the rhythm of life and all that you wish to see bloom will do so when it’s time is right.