hot-air-balloon-2411851_12802068891563.jpgSometimes, when your world seems slightly out of sync and all your plans scatter into pieces, it is easy to believe that it is all your fault and only yours. You know you are an intelligent person, well organized and insightful, you know you  tried your very best, so when all seems failure it must surely be your own fault. Blame for others is an option but most are so convinced that their own will overrides that of others that once again the conclusion is drawn that fault lies only with themselves. ‘Tis true you are solely responsible for your own chosen actions, ‘tis also true your actions will react with the chosen actions of others [ actions your will truly has no sway over ] and thus may produce an undesired result – a failure. Here it needs to be remembered that perceived lack of success does not equal failure. Many a person’s dream has taken many an attempt to fulfil and for some their longed for goal remained unreached upon their exit from life, this is also not defined as failure, for, failure can only be claimed at an ending and how can an ending be claimed, if, you and all that IS, is eternal? Too many times those striving to achieve believe that further unsuccessful attempts would only compound their shame of past failure, so they cease action, we say, there is no need of shame. If the energy of shame is carried through to present actions, life ceases to flow. Flow/synchronicity cannot readily be maintained if weighed down by the heavy energy of shame created by the lie of failure. In part, success is also a lie or at least not truth and it is just as hard to define as an ending or failure. All these named but undefinable, ungraspable, supposed states of being. These” states of being” are not permanent nor truly real, they are no more than their names, names bestowed upon them by the ego and it’s fear. No-one’s life can forever remain under any one of these names, for, they are merely words, they are not real – you, however, are. You are here in this moment and that is achievement enough, you cannot fail life, you have already won. So, beloved children, should you feel any shame for past imagined missteps, see the named lie for what it is and in so doing release the weight of shame to lift yourself back into flow and sync.




world-1582347_1920As surely as the world turns and night follows day, you are loved, no-one is forsaken, no-one is an exception. This can be hard to discern when life has, seemingly, sent you trial after trial with hardly room in between to breathe but you do breathe, all throughout, no matter your circumstance, no matter what dilemma you face at any given moment. It is in the breath that your essence bides, that heaving, sobbing breath of heartache is still breath,that throaty guffaw of laughter is still breath. All of it is breath, all breath means life and for each and every one of you life means love. You know you came from love, you know you are love at the core but now KNOW that you receive love, always, in every form available, for, love is not only present in peaceful experiences, it can be present in the experiences of disruption and chaos. The teachings obtained from life on the Earth plane cannot forever be taught by the one method, each individual needs tailor made direction and each individual needs, at times, to be challenged. While some of these challenges can be immense, faith needs to be held that they are not punishments sent from above but rather circumstances created by your own divine intelligence to bring you back to the truth that love is all there truly is. We know, that for those of you in dire straits, these words can seem empty and cruel and your Earth bound character may react with anger and resentment but we also know that on a soul level some tiny bit of these words will resonate with you, for, no matter your circumstances of the now, your true self knows the truth of this. Breathe, beloved children, let your body breathe through all that is happening be it war or peace and allow your soul to remember that as surely as night follows day love is all there truly is.





It seems the definitive line between what is “real” and what is not can be, somewhat, blurred even for the steadiest and sanest of people, for those with any form of psychological problem or disorder, there can seem to be no lines at all. All is a confusing storm of misconceptions, whose winds buffet them around as if they have no strong hold with which to anchor themselves. Often, mentally haler people will misconstrue the antics of the less than mentally hale as a sign of lesser intelligence, this can be true for a few cases but every grouping of people, sane or not so, would have a wide variety of intelligence levels, so lack of psychological health cannot, necessarily always,indicate low intelligence, it is a false generalization. Many figures from your history were considered to be mad and you know, often, those same figures produced great works of art. Some showed true brilliance in more practical areas , such as science, with their work benefitting all mankind. If you should care to ponder on this yourself you would find the examples of this conundrum endless. So why is it that madness and intelligence can reside within the same entity and how can either state be measured or judged? Why is it that proof of extreme intelligence doesn’t automatically negate the label of madness or visa versa? Mmm, well, those lines that can seem so blurred do not exist. What does exist between these two states is a spinning vortex of cosmic potentiality, one that cannot always be seen by those with their eyes and minds firmly fixed on what’s “real”. This vortex throws out immense creative energy, energy that can be grasped by those open to it and often those open are the so called unstable. Stubborn, unyielding sanity has distinct edges and is often coloured either black or white but so called madness is flowing and colourful, making it compatible with the vortex. So while it may seem the troubled have no grip on reality it may be wise to consider that they may have a strong connection to the vortex. So, beloved children take great care WITH the dangerously damaged but take great care OF the gently unstable, for, they just may be seeing more of reality than could ever be perceived with a sane and rigid mind.





Even in the depths of winter, when the world seems still and silent, birds sing. Their song may not be as obvious as it is in more clement weather but it is there nonetheless. It is sad how birdsong can become merely background noise. Human hearing is limited and there will always be, through this and other circumstances, times when it seems no birdsong can be heard but mostly it is not heard because it is not heeded. Some particular sounds are cherished, the caroling of a magpie as the world wakens is a beautiful thing.The kookaburra’s laughter always lends an exotic tinge to the air. The gentle clucking of domestic chickens is a soothing and comforting sound, a plethora of birdsong, all with their own charm. Not all of these songs/sounds are methods of communication, sometimes it seems, birds sing simply for the pleasure of it. Do they sing to remind themselves they are alive or do they sing to remind you that you are alive? Birds do not need to be reminded, they already know their song is proof of life and joy, proof that there is beauty even if it is un-seeable, beauty can be audible. Many native peoples attribute birds with great power and meaning. Ancient myths called them the messengers of the gods and many figures of legend have been associated with birds. All this and more place the birds in their rightful position of honour, for, not only does their presence add beauty to the world they manifest it through their songs. Even in the bleakest of times they sing, regardless of the doings of man. While birds are of the air and only partly of the Earth they have a strong sense of when Mother Earth will shift, often moments before a natural disaster occurs they become silent and take flight. One of the first assurances that danger has passed is the reemergence of birds and their songs. They always return to give their message of life and fill the air with beauty. So, beloved children, if you fear you face disaster or you can see no beauty, listen for it instead, listen to the birds and their songs of life. Listen for and rejoice in birdsong for they truly are messengers of God and they sing for you.





Apathy is not a singular creation, it shares it’s birth with fear. These twin emotions can be very subtle, making them hard to distinguish from each other and just like some human twins they can be deceptive as to their true identity. Apathy won’t try and tell you it is it’s twin fear but fear will happily tell you it is apathy. Nonchalance, coolness, complacency are some of the false names apathy will try. These false names not only allow apathy to remain unrecognized but also allow fear to be mistaken for another more acceptable emotion. When,at times, people become physically or emotionally depleted their thoughts can become somewhat negative and they may feel they cannot contribute fully to life, this is not true apathy for there is no fear present, they are simply fatigued and in need of replenishment. Apathy born of depletion is a singular birth and has but a short life. When people are hale and hearty but still feel no passion, then there is a problem, then there is fear. It is a good idea to take note of how often you use particular phrases , “I don’t mind” or “I don’t care” are the mantras of apathy and the thought behind them such as, if I don’t choose I can’t loose is the influence of fear. Saying “It doesn’t matter” too often when, on any level, it really does can also lead to spending time with the twins. Every indifferent response needs to be examined with the feeling behind it clearly seen and named, for, just like Rumpelstiltskin from the fairytale of old, apathy and fear once truly named will loose their power over you and as in the story you too will retain your child, your trusting, joyful inner child. Look closely at your emotions beloved children, name every one by their true name and never enslave yourself to them.





Far away from land, far out into the sea, lives a fish so strange to behold even other fish are wary of it. No man has laid eyes on it and won’t for many years. It is an aberration of nature, as nature is understood for now. Not truly a new species but a conglomeration of a multitude of species that have morphed through time to produce this oddity. It knows not what it is nor does it much care. It just is. It hungers and it sates it’s hunger. It swims and rests, swims and rests. There is no way for this fish to know anything of it’s self. No other fish or man can explain to it it’s oddity. Even if by some chance it could see it’s own reflection it would be uncomprehending, at best, it would assume the image to be another creature. It has no joy of it’s self. It has no sense of it’s specialness, no sense of it’s rarity. In a way, you are, each and every one of you, this fish. When you encounter your reflection it is just as hard for you to discern your true self. It is easy to believe that the image reflected back to you is a complete and accurate image. There are definite lines and edges and aside from natural changes caused by aging, fashion and grooming, the image is recognizable as being the same as the last time it was viewed. Always you, all of you and nothing more. Mmm, well, yes and no. It is the you of the now but that you has also morphed through time to become an oddity- a one of a kind. If that image was true and complete there would never be a mirror large enough to show all of you and you would be just as uncomprehending of the bits you could see. You wear many faces in this life but only one is seen. You carry the weight of many bodies but have the use of only one. You radiate the energy of many lifetimes but only live this moment. All of this is your true image, one that if it were to be loosed, would place you in the same predicament as the fish, you would assume that you were another creature but you are not. You are you, a mix of your past, your present, your future but still just you a special rarity, a strange fish indeed.




You perceive the world through your senses, mostly through sight and sound, a huge portion directly through the air. Television, radio computers and now, with the advent of new technologies, any time day or night. Never in your history has information been so readily available. No other generation had the where with all to be so immediately and comprehensively aware of major world events. The entertainment industry has now the ability to create anything it can conjure. At times it can be hard to discern what is real and what is computer generated fantasy. All this is seemingly wonderful, a type of magic. These abilities are part of mankind’s growth plan and must be allowed but [ and it’s a big but] none of it is particularly beneficial to the human psyche. The available images and detailed stories of horrendous acts, news coverage of natural disasters are hard enough to see and hear at the time but what many of you are not realising is that those images are not dispelling once you turn off the media source. These images are absorbed by you, they insidiously burrow their way down into your energy to unconsciously affect your actions and mind. There is a part of your programming left blank for you to influence with your choices. It is somewhat like a paint palette. You choose the colours and these colours go on to colour you and your experience. If these colours are tainted by the negative energy of the things you have read or seen their clarity will be diminished and the picture you paint of your inner world will be affected greatly. To stay informed and aware is seen by many as a must and it would be impossible to stay completely ignorant of the world. What we do suggest is that you recognize the choice you have, recognize that the images you view also affect your inner and outward view. You are allowed to turn off the t.v and fold up the newspaper, you will not be seen as less intelligent or uncaring. You are not obligated to endure heartache that is not your own. So, choose your palette carefully our beloved children and colour your world beautiful.




Is there really any difference between you and a wave in the ocean? That wave can only be a wave following the course it has taken. Being what it is and where it is. You, too, can only be what you are following the course you have taken. If peace within yourself becomes difficult to achieve, picture that wave rolling, smell it, hear it and realise there is no difference between you and it. For you are both unstoppable forces of nature. If you, or the wave, were to stop being what you are the world would tip. Breathe in, breathe out and roll with peace and love. All is good, all is God.

Channelled 11/06/2017

The source of who you are. The source of you. It has the ability to rule your head more than the others It will let you know very quickly if you stray from who you are. Peace within yourself is what creates a harmonious environment for this chakra.

Channelled 2012

We become more beautiful the moment we decide to be ourselves.

Coco Chanel


Love never dies. Just as the soul is eternal so is love. Any love. The love of man for woman, any and all romantic love; but even the love for things, both tangible and intangible. Every instance of love adds to the giver , the receiver and your world in general. Not a drop is wasted. Once created it is for eternity. The term failed marriage, for example, is in no way correct. Any union, no matter how brief, is not deemed a failure. The ending of love does not disperse the love already created. IT DOES NOT DISPERSE EVER. This does not mean you must remain in love with a person or thing. All situations must shift and change in order to promote growth but to believe love was wasted or wrong is not correct. The well of love available to you is vast beyond your imagining. It is yours. Take it, use it, bathe in it. It is yours to disperse as you wish. For it also must shit and change to grow. Never fear to love indiscriminately or often, Never worry that love jumps from being to not being. It is merely resting within you. It is yours.
Channelled 29/0216

The chakra of infinity. The connection to all and for all. Without this chakra life would be impossible. Closed the world is small. Open there is no limit to time, space or reality. The universe and beyond is contained within the heart. This chakra is eternal – does not return to essence. It IS essenceheart-669552_1920.jpg