hot-air-balloon-2411851_12802068891563.jpgSometimes, when your world seems slightly out of sync and all your plans scatter into pieces, it is easy to believe that it is all your fault and only yours. You know you are an intelligent person, well organized and insightful, you know you  tried your very best, so when all seems failure it must surely be your own fault. Blame for others is an option but most are so convinced that their own will overrides that of others that once again the conclusion is drawn that fault lies only with themselves. ‘Tis true you are solely responsible for your own chosen actions, ‘tis also true your actions will react with the chosen actions of others [ actions your will truly has no sway over ] and thus may produce an undesired result – a failure. Here it needs to be remembered that perceived lack of success does not equal failure. Many a person’s dream has taken many an attempt to fulfil and for some their longed for goal remained unreached upon their exit from life, this is also not defined as failure, for, failure can only be claimed at an ending and how can an ending be claimed, if, you and all that IS, is eternal? Too many times those striving to achieve believe that further unsuccessful attempts would only compound their shame of past failure, so they cease action, we say, there is no need of shame. If the energy of shame is carried through to present actions, life ceases to flow. Flow/synchronicity cannot readily be maintained if weighed down by the heavy energy of shame created by the lie of failure. In part, success is also a lie or at least not truth and it is just as hard to define as an ending or failure. All these named but undefinable, ungraspable, supposed states of being. These” states of being” are not permanent nor truly real, they are no more than their names, names bestowed upon them by the ego and it’s fear. No-one’s life can forever remain under any one of these names, for, they are merely words, they are not real – you, however, are. You are here in this moment and that is achievement enough, you cannot fail life, you have already won. So, beloved children, should you feel any shame for past imagined missteps, see the named lie for what it is and in so doing release the weight of shame to lift yourself back into flow and sync.




corridor-2126910_1920The essence of truth lies in many an old fable. Throughout time mankind has unwittingly placed absolute truth at the heart of make believe and stories, not all story tellers are aware that this is so. Many believe it is simply their imagination being unleashed, that the only source of inspiration is within their own mind. ‘Tis, obviously, true their own minds have a role to play but often the true source is unknowingly beyond the human realm, suspicion of this can arise at times, that searched for perfect phrase may suddenly appear when one has ceased to search and allowed themselves to be distracted by other endeavors. One could assume this is just how the human brain works – perhaps freeing it from focused, concentrated thought allows it enough rest to finally grasp that which it could not when tired from trying. Mmm, or perhaps there could be another influence, one that feels so natural and familiar it could easily be mistaken for an aspect of self. The human brain/mind has many non-physical chambers, some are in constant use and therefore rarely closed up but some have special purpose and are often not only closed but forgotten. It is one of these chambers that is unlocked through the refocusing of thought thus releasing the muse residing within. It is not only true for writers but true in all aspects of creative pursuit. You are all guided and helped through all actions. This does not mean your creations are anything but your own, with out you they would not come to be and full ownership is recognized. Everyone has a muse, whatever your creative field should be. Your muse will guide and support, if, first given the space and opportunity to do so. No artist is left bereft or abandoned, for, an artist of any kind, carries through their work the secrets and truths of the cosmos. A writer writes the words the cosmos cannot be heard saying. A painter paints the images the cosmos cannot achieve. All manifest ideas and thoughts into the world that the cosmos cannot birth alone. Artists are not just creative they assist creation and are assisted in turn – always. So, beloved creators, should inspiration be hard to find, should that phrase you seek seem beyond your reach, pause, clear your minds of unrelenting thought, trust that help can be found patiently waiting within a forgotten chamber, with acceptance that you do not create alone, allow the door to open, step gently aside to make way for the muse and in so doing create with creation itself.




world-1582347_1920As surely as the world turns and night follows day, you are loved, no-one is forsaken, no-one is an exception. This can be hard to discern when life has, seemingly, sent you trial after trial with hardly room in between to breathe but you do breathe, all throughout, no matter your circumstance, no matter what dilemma you face at any given moment. It is in the breath that your essence bides, that heaving, sobbing breath of heartache is still breath,that throaty guffaw of laughter is still breath. All of it is breath, all breath means life and for each and every one of you life means love. You know you came from love, you know you are love at the core but now KNOW that you receive love, always, in every form available, for, love is not only present in peaceful experiences, it can be present in the experiences of disruption and chaos. The teachings obtained from life on the Earth plane cannot forever be taught by the one method, each individual needs tailor made direction and each individual needs, at times, to be challenged. While some of these challenges can be immense, faith needs to be held that they are not punishments sent from above but rather circumstances created by your own divine intelligence to bring you back to the truth that love is all there truly is. We know, that for those of you in dire straits, these words can seem empty and cruel and your Earth bound character may react with anger and resentment but we also know that on a soul level some tiny bit of these words will resonate with you, for, no matter your circumstances of the now, your true self knows the truth of this. Breathe, beloved children, let your body breathe through all that is happening be it war or peace and allow your soul to remember that as surely as night follows day love is all there truly is.




harmony-2372434_1920n all the world trouble brews, every corner of Earth has its’ own dilemma, it can seem inescapable to some but is it really? Unless you are directly involved, news and knowledge of world troubles is a choice, a choice that must be made over and over. If your part of the world is safe and settled, should it not be possible to greet the day with peace when you arise in the morning? Is it not possible to relish the moment for what it is? When gratitude is silently held for your own safety and peace it gives birth to like energy and that energy can grow and spread outwards. If, when you arise, among your first thoughts are worry for the state of the world outside your own immediate environs, those thoughts also create an energy, a sluggish, fearful energy, one that none wish to see grow. A compassionate heart is a laudable thing but to allow compassion for those less fortunate to manifest to the point where you feel guilt for your safety serves no-one, not you, not those in dire straits and not your world at large. Personal thought energy, pertaining to the world outside your own environment, is much more important than most of you realize, the images and conclusions you form, even if compassionate, when guilt is also present they become negative and therefore add to the negative energy already present. Many of you have been taught from an early age to show interest in the ways of countries not your own, to stay aware of global happenings, all this is good but being aware and interested does not mean casting your guilt energy to them, you are not undeserving of your safety. So, when you arise in the morning and hear of yet another far away tragedy, pause and breathe in, feel the peace within and around you, breathe out and send that same peace outward, this is all you truly can do and it is enough, for, peace and chaos balance finely on the scales of fate, be grateful you dwell on the peaceful side and never send your guilt to weigh down the other. Be peace, beloved children and give more than you know.




climb-1807474_1920To whom or what do you pray? What is it that you find sacred enough to be the focus of your devotion? If you belong to an organized religion you are readily supplied with images and symbols, no need to imagine or search for anything else. Someone, somewhere paints or sculpts a figure and you are told this is it, this is sacred and you accept it, your rational mind will tell you this can only be an assumed depiction but your yearning spirit will see only the beauty made and happily believe the essence of all that is good radiates well enough from it to not question too deeply, no harm in any of this but what is not being recognized is that whatever is radiated from the object does not come from the object itself but rather is an outpouring of the accumulated energy with which others have imbued it, no matter, the energy is still beneficial. So, what of those with belief but no structured religion, on what do they focus? Many would look to the skies, the heavens, influenced by legend and myth, assuming anything more powerful than they must surely reside there, in order, to better oversee and tend the lesser mortals. Strangely, even the most dedicated church goer will sometimes forsake the sanctuary of a church building to gaze upward and direct their pleas to the skies, even they believe what they seek is so immensely powerful and so far removed from themselves that it could surely not lower itself to be down amongst them on Earth. It is human instinct to seek something higher to protect and guide but higher does not mean physically higher but rather spiritually higher and believing there to be more God presence in a symbol than there is in anything living is also untrue, for, God presence is here, it is in and of everything, you, us and all of Earth, it is as present in a single leaf on a tree as it is in an entire cathedral. There is no need to humble yourself before a statue, no need for symbols on which to focus, no need to shout to the skies, just whisper your prayers, beloved children, no matter where you should be, no matter what you gaze upon, for, God is here within and with you, just whisper to all that is around you and  know your prayers will be heard.





Tension , when allowed to build unchecked within the body and mind, begins to create an invisible shield, a shield that does not protect but rather blocks one’s own energy from flowing out, creating a frenetic but contained field of negativity. The very air, between body and shield, hums and vibrates as if a swarm of angry bees were trapped there. Social training has aided in the automatic and unconscious creation of this shield. Most humans, from an early age, are taught to not burden others with their worries, to keep it to themselves, believing this to be a road to maturity and strength. ‘Tis true tension is best dealt with from within one’s own mind first but when the shield has been present for over long, the afflicted begin to believe the unwelcoming air before them, is flowing to them from an outside source and with their own energies constantly bouncing back towards them they are unable to truly discern the energies of others, they block and they are blocked, leaving them disconnected. Strangely, the way to clear the air and thus dissolve the shield is, not simply, to release tension but to connect. Mmm, but how can one connect when the shield is before them? Well, you reach out, not with your hand or mind but with your compassion, for, all shields are visible, if, viewed by the eyes of compassion and can easily be broken down by the hand of friendship preforming a gesture of kindness. Look around you with eyes full of compassion, beloved children, see that you all carry these shields, know they can be dissolved with love and kinship, give what you are able and in so doing release yourself and others from the droning of the bees.




painting-2790477_1920.jpgEach and every one of you is a work of art. Some see themselves as a Picasso, with all their pieces in an unacceptable jumble. Some see themselves a bit Rubenesque, slightly larger than commonly condoned. Whichever style you perceive yourself to be, you are still, art. You are creative mastery. Most of you view yourself by means of a mirror, the reflected image is the image you believe to be what other people see of you. What else could they see, an image is truth – isn’t it? Mmm, well, yes and no, that image you perceive in the mirror has filters applied to it by your psyche. The image others see of you has filters applied by their own psyche, so, how do either of you know what you truly look like? If these filters could, somehow, be removed a clearer, truer image may be achieved but how can that be done until these filters can be acknowledged and understood? Have you ever wondered what those born sightless believe of themselves, what image they have of themselves? With what or with whom could they compare themselves to form a mental image? Their sense of touch could convey information about their bodies and faces and, if allowed to explore, information about the bodies and faces of others, thus creating some point of reference for comparison but, strangely, even without sight, filters would be applied. There would, still, be an attitude of “ well, there is you and you are that and there is me and I am this” always the differences come to the fore and are claimed to set each individual apart, leading to judgment, mostly negative judgement in either direction. These judgements/filters are applied in the miniscule gap between sight and mind or touch and mind, a nanosecond of time but enough for lies to be born. So, how is the truth to be found? Well, as always, through the heart. Do not rely on sight or touch to show you what you or others are, see and feel through your heart and theirs, for, no filters apply there. The heart perceives the truth of your art, for, that is what each of you are, a unique and beautiful masterpiece.




osborne-1802181_19201380870239.jpgGrief is a natural part of human existence and can never be fully eradicated from anyone’s lifetime, for, love cannot exist without grief and grief cannot exist without love. These two emotions are not counter balance to each other nor are they twinned, grief and love each hold basic, integral energies for life on the Earth plane, they are core energies. You know well that you are all love at the core, you know you all came from love and shall return to love, no matter what occurs in between but do you know you also came from grief? The sadness of separation from source was the first emotion ever felt by your being other than love. It lay dormant “til your first breath and will reside within you “til your last. The level of it’s strength and influence in your life is, largely, choice. This may seem harsh, even flippant and we mean no disrespect. Many of you have endured enormous loss and hardship, grieving for your life’s tragedies is understandable but grief, when allowed to run free in one’s life, can become a hungry beast, one that constantly craves sustenance. The beast will constantly refeed on whatever sadness you face in the now, it will gather to it hurts from the past and manifest possible future hurts, all of which, it will gladly chew over and over again, as would, a cow with cud. Very few of you are aware that this occurs and mostly this lack of awareness is caused by the enduring presence of the original grief of separation. As humans you are accustomed to grief from the moment you are born, it’s energy is familiar to you and therefore accepted.  Any other tragedy from birth on, if allowed, will feed and sustain the original until, it grows hugely fat, blocking out any light and overshadowing love. We cannot prevent sadness, we cannot remove all grief from life, we can, only, remind you that you are love at the core and you are loved to the core. Tolerate the beast of grief as best you can, beloved children, acknowledge it’s presence but do not allow it to run free and never allow it to block out the light.


03/05 /2018


contact-2805253_1920583771635.pngLong ago. when the main form of communication was the written word, when the writing of letters the only way to send news afar, writers would employ much thought for every word, with each phrase carefully chosen. By no means, would the author risk the chance of being misunderstood, for, too much energy and time would be wasted. The sending and delivering of letters was an arduous task for all involved. Today, of course, the written word can be sent and received in an instant, no – one needs to be left wanting for news. You, now, have the means to be aware of the doings of family and friends wherever they should be in the world, this can be a blessing and surely better than times of old when the departure of travelers could mean no news of their welfare for months, if at all. Great hope had to be held by those left behind that all would be well. Very few of you now could imagine that situation, now, you can comfort yourself with the knowledge that you can still speak with and even see anyone, no matter the physical distance between you and they, what magic. All this is truly a beneficial and useful branch of growth for humanity but where does this leave the humble letter and its’ thoughtful writer? The written word also holds a type of magic, the physical act of putting pen to paper, forming words first birthed in the brain and heart, releases an energy within the author – one of connective intuition –  knowing what words need to be written and read by the feel of them. None of this can be achieved by the typed or spoken word, for, neither have the same fluid connection to the brain or heart. Heed, we speak of written personal communication, not works of fiction or writings of practical use, they hold an entirely different energy. Ponder, if you can, a situation, in which, you have the means to send news afar but the only writing materials available to you are, a piece of bark, a stick and some charcoal, how very economical would you become with the amount of words used? Mmm, and can you see from where those words would come? The brain would demand that practical words were priority, while the heart would urge for words of comfort, any other influence would belong to the ego but the energy of the ego does not blend well with the energy of connective intuition, Its’ words, therefore, would not be included in this contracted missive. This scenario is of great benefit to remember when next you wish to communicate via technology, for, even though, you have the means to say much, to anyone in an instant – should you? Would it be the words in your brain and heart seeking release or would it be the words from your ego seeking attention? Be thoughtful with the typed or spoken word, beloved children, if in doubt write them by hand first, allow them to emerge from the right source, form them, feel them and be truly connected.




glitter-2546960_1920.jpgThe road to spiritual freedom is dotted with minute pieces of glitter, glitter that from a distance, can seem, so enticing and intriguing. What could it be, is it some treasure, some rarity placed in your path by providence, waiting to be found by you? The hope and anticipation that carries one forward to solve this mystery can raise the energy of the seeker to new heights. The thrill of something new and shiny is manna to the soul but distance and circumstance can play tricks with perception, both optically and psychologically. Often, once the seeker has traversed the distance necessary to ascertain the truth of the glitter, that much anticipated curiosity, is found, it seems, to be nothing of any true value, just a trick of the light caused by its’ position and yours. ‘Tis true, that, the cosmos will place enticements along your path to spur you on to new thoughts and ways, to urge you into new circumstances you would not normally seek and ‘tis, also, true not all circumstances will be what you imagined them to be. That glittering, could be diamond, may just turn out to be stone. This discovery can, understandably, bring a sense of disappointment and lead some to feel they have wasted their time and allowed their yearning to fool them to truth. A very human response but unnecessary. Think, for a moment, what your path would be like, if, there were nothing to capture your imagination, nothing to liven your mind. These “tricks” of the light are not sent to tease or annoy, they are sent to enable you to find your own truth, to encourage you to step up and look closely at all that is before you and choose whether it has value or not, and value itself is a choice, for, value does not, only, equal material riches, value can be found in wisdom gained. So, we ask that, if the diamonds you hope for are found to be stone, remember that the stone was still able to reflect light, still able to reflect back to you that which you seek and therein lies its’ value. Step lightly along your path, beloved children, allow what glitters to catch your eye and pique your interest, for, there is time enough for diversions on the road to freedom.